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Tuesday, January 12

"Cluster Migraine"

Yesterday I went to the doctor consult regarding my headache. The doctor doesn't want to think of something else because I'm still young for some sort of illness. Fortunately, according to the doctor's findings it was called a cluster migraine. It is a kind of migraine where it only occurs on a certain portion. To be sure, the doctor give me a prescription for five days. It's more of an observation. If it is still there and no change, then that's the time for some different sort of measures will be done. So please do pray for me that it's just a migraine.



  1. Just a migraine! They really can be miserable. Migraine means half skull (mi crane in French)

    I hope that you're feeling better now and don't suffer anymore

  2. I hope you'll get better. I'm having migraines every Monday LOL. It's as if they're scheduled. I've been to many doctors, one recommended having my eye checked, another one wanted me to undergo CT Scan, which scared the hell out of me,hehe. ANd then one doctor said, and this is the best advice I received so far, that after work, I should sleep and rest first for a few hours before doing what I need to do for the rest of the day. I work nights. So far, I've been having less episodes since I took his advise. It's very important to drink pain reliever when you are already feeling you are going to have one, and not when the pain's already full blast. Hope this helps.

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