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Saturday, January 30

"Daddy Day Care : Jollibee Kids Club"

Today is our Daddy Day Care. Since Mommy doesn't have any work on Saturday's she's with us today and Mommy is the instigator of this activity. The only thing is that we didn't make it to join in the 1st batch in the activity area of the mall. We just made it on the 2nd Batch of the activity. The activity was the "Jollibee Kids Club : CREATE UR OWN T-SHIRT". The activity was supposed to start around 5:30 PM but I think due to preparations and everything they started the program at around 6:00 already. Anyway they still manage to take it and started it very well. Maki was very active there, he wanted to run around and show off with some of the kids there. That was when they haven't started the painting session. Once we started creating the designs in the T-Shirt Maki was so very behave. He really loves to paint.

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