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Friday, January 1

"First Day of the Year"

This is the first day of the year 2010. The New Year's Eve celebration was a very lively and fun because we're all present, my sister and her husband is here, my father and mother, and our family. Though most of the neighbors are using firecrackers our house were quiet with firecrackers, that was ban in our house. Reasons for this are that my Mom don't like it and she got nervous whenever those firecrackers pops and I don't want Maki to inhale much smokes from those firecrackers.

Maki didn't had the chance to jump and shout during the turn of the year. He was too sleepy to wake up. Still he tries to wake up while hanging to her Mom.

After the sounds of firecrackers subside we had our food blessed and started to feast on them to have a glorious, blessed and wonderful New Year.

Since this is the first day of the year the first thing to do is plan out the whole year. But of course I'll try to figure out first which will be the first thing to accomplish for this year. There are so many things to list down and there are so many things to do. I need to be sure of what to list down. So to be precise I needed the whole day to think about what to list on my to do list. Unfortunately, up to now I don't have or I haven't list down those things. Maybe to start is to clean up the whole house first. So good luck with the cleaning tomorrow!

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