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Sunday, January 10

"First Time Movie"

After 3 years after our last movie, I forgot what it is but I'm sure my wife was pregnant that time, we're able to watch a movie last night. Of course Maki's with us. This is Maki's first big screen experience. We watched "Alvin and the Chipmunks 2". We thought that Maki was free or with discount but unfortunately we had to pay full for him. So in other words we bought 3 tickets. At first we're kind of ... hayyyy!!!! Anyway we bought our snacks and went inside the theater. Gladly it's not so crowded so we were able to find a good spot. We take the balcony so that Maki could watch it clearly with not much strain on his eyes. Well Maki is not much in awe though it was his first time to watch on the big screen. Maybe because he always watch movies in our house.

The only problem we had is the seat. Since Maki was little and the chair is folding Maki couldn't sit down properly. In order for Maki to sit comfortably is to hold the end of the chair to avoid folding. So I did.

Maki watched the whole movie. He don't even tried to take a nap or go to sleep. So we thought that paying for Maki wasn't that bad after all because Maki had it "SULIT (Satisfied)". He was very active the whole time even after we left the movie theater.

It's a good first time for Maki and for Me and my wife Angie it's a good thing to watch again in the big screen after 3 years.

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