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Monday, January 18

"Sunday Service Message : Be Still"

I know this is not a good start of the year for our family as Christian because yesterday was our first time to go to church. That's for this year! And it is a bad start and attitude of a Christian. I prayed for that yesterday.

The church service message was about Elijah and it is about being still and knowing GOD. From book of 1 King chapter 19 it tells the story of how Elijah run for his life and how he heard GOD's voice. According to the message GOD never speak to us in harsh and loud voice but instead He whispers to us in a calm and mild voice. Like in the case of Elijah GOD was never in the strong wind, or in an earthquake, or even in a blazing fire but it was in a soft whisper. That's where he found GOD in a soft whisper.

As I make my quiet time this morning about yesterdays message I focused on the phrase "Be still to know GOD". It is indeed that in this fast phased time we sometimes forgot or even neglected to be still and talk to GOD. With the distractions like gadgets, movies, tv programs, and even work really holds us to take some time to be still. I myself noticed it that I often forgot to read my daily devotion materials and it is really sad to know that we can't even hear what GOD want for us. Maybe it's about time to allot more few minutes of my time to be still and talk to GOD.


1 comment:

  1. that why last week there was a church that bless these gadgets during sunday service. we have to balance our time with fun and faith.


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