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Friday, February 12

"About Yesterday's Thought"

This is a follow up on yesterday's post. It is indicated in my post that I was waiting for the list which Cornyman was able to unearthed (his own experiment) and for him that seems to be cheating. Up to now he hasn't send any list. Though Cornyman hasn't send any list yet I was able to check those badges that he has posted on his article and I found some of the blogs that are not GHOST DROPPERS or CHEATERS because some of them were commenter on my blog. Also I have read all those responses and comments of all those were allegedly included in Cornyman's list. It's good to know that bloggers who knew that they didn't cheat are doing their best to clean their names. Besides Cornyman hasn't proven that all those on his list are truly CHEATERS.

I'm not changing sides or anything but I'm just one of the bloggers who are seeking for the truth. Cornyman indeed give some information that are relevant but still we have our own thoughts and notion of understanding. It's up to us to weigh and balance those informations in order to extract the truth. To be honest that was the first time I heard from Cornyman about the certain tool that can help(?) bloggers in dropping and I thanked Cornyman for that.

So for those who are upset or dislikes my post regarding Cornyman's list of cheaters I just would like to emphasize that the post was for those CHEATERS only. So if you know that you didn't cheat you shouldn't worry about anything.



  1. That's right i am dropping here again..lolz

    have a great day.

  2. Last time I looked my site was still on his list.

    I'm not a cheater.
    But I don't feel a strong need to clear my name after writing my last post.

    I'm not commenting on his blog, because he uses comments to make a new post.
    I don't feel I have to pay any responsibility to him. He should have gone directly to entrecard.

    I've been told he has done things like this before to members of other communities. So I think he's just a troublemaker, and I'm sorry, but I won't let him bully me.
    We're having more important things to do online.

    But it's nice there are people who have a look in the matter themselves.

    Entrecard has sorted the matter. I'm very late dropping because of a long meeting, and I've seen some blogs from my droplist without widget.
    So I think matters are done and over with.

    Have a nice day tomorrow.

  3. Hi,

    i can't send you a list because i have only the screenshots of my inbox available.

    But like you can see from the comments on your previous post and your own observations it's impossible to say on which blog my accused droppers will just use cached sites or truly interact.

    In my case they used cached sites to access my blog or Ghost dropper pages to do their clicks. None of this visits are recorded in Google Analytics as visit.

  4. well, Cornyman removed my blogs from the lists now.'s dropping time....EC and Adgi as well..lolz


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