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Wednesday, February 17

"The Coming Election"

I never plan of making or writing some thoughts about the upcoming elections today but since I don't have any idea for today I might as well do this and to benefit others about my ideas.

We all know (Filipinos) that on May this year we will be exercising our right... THE RIGHT TO VOTE! On this time that we will be electing our government officials. Officials that will lead this country to prosperity (I just pray for that).

The campaigns for the presidential seat has already begun, I don't know about the senatorial seats but there's only one thing that I'm thinking of... who will be the elected president. We can only predict but still everything lies in fate, nobody knows.

I just have an observation which come up to an opinion. Mid or early last year there are bunch of ads showing this government officials airing their accomplishments, their admirations for the country and even their life story. Isn't it obvious that they are already campaigning indirectly! And yet the campaign hasn't started. Is there any rule in the Commission on Election about this? They plastered all the TV ads with their faces!

All I know is that the commission sets a certain period and a certain budget for the campaign but seeing all this... I think they have already violated those rules. So with this I have come up with an idea that if that simple rules from the commission is violated so how are they going to run the government for they themselves don't even know how to follow rules. I think the saying "A GOOD LEADER IS A GOOD FOLLOWER" does not apply to them.

This is my opinion if you happen to read this post and your're a Filipino think about it. On the election day always think a hundred folds before you go to your precinct and before you cast your vote.

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