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Saturday, February 13

"A Day at Manila Zoo"

I really don't know when was the last time that I have been to Manila Zoo. I think that was when I'm still a kid. So thinking about it... it was that long. Now a lot of things had change and the whole Manila have certainly changed.

This is Maki's first time visiting the Manila Zoo. He has seen the animals at Wild Life in Quezon City but there are some animals that Maki hasn't seen. An example is the main attraction in Manila Zoo... the big and jumbo... Manny (I think) the Elephant.

Maki at first was in awe seeing a humongous animal in front of him. But later on he was able to gain up all his courage and tries to be "makulit". We roamed around and visited every animals available inside the Zoo. Maki keeps on pointing on the animals saying "yon pa" meaning "there's another one". Maki really enjoyed it. As remembrance of being their in Manila Zoo we bought Maki a Monkey Stuff toy that scream whenever you press the tummy.

This is for another treasure for Maki and of course for us too.


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