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Monday, February 15

"History of Valentines Day"

love notes
Yesterday, people around the world celebrated the Hearts Day or what everybody calls it as Valentines Day. On this day people or lovers exchanges sweets notes, Valentines Card, flowers most preferably roses, and sweet kisses. For everybody it was a special day for lovers.

Does anyone knows how this Valentines Day came to be? I'm sure the current generation don't have any idea of how Valentines Day came to be but with the use of internet just one click you'll eventually get your answer.

So click google and search of Valentine's Day History. Caching! Got one article found in Valentine was the name of the martyr priest. During the reign of Emperor Cladius II, he wanted to fortify his military forces and he thinks that single soldiers are better than married ones. He made a decree that hinders single males to get married. With this injustice Father Valentine secretly continued solemnizing marriages. Father Valentine knew that it was the right thing to do. When his acts were discovered he was imprisoned and sentenced to death. During his confinement he meet the daughter of the prison guard which other thought that he fell in love with this young girl. Before the day of his execution it was alleged that Father Valentine wrote her a letter and at the end of letter he signed "From your Valentine". In which later on used in love letters and notes. In order to honor Father Valentine they made February 14 as Valentines Day.

So that's a bit of the history of Valentines Day.

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