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Monday, February 8

"Monday Rush : Paranormal"

Early this morning, before going to work I was able to have a preview of the movie paranormal. Since it's morning and I don't have much time to watch it I just fast forward and view some of the parts.

When I got out of the house the weather is fair but the cool breeze of the north wind still chills within my bones. Though it's February already it is still cold. As usual it's rush time and most of the commuters wanted to get to their work as early as possible. The sun is already shining and started to peek through the cloudy sky. It's a hint that I'm already late it's because of that paranormal movie thing. The good thing is that the jeep is much full already and it don't have to stroll on the side of the road to get commuters. In other words it was fast but not fast enough to get me to our meeting place on time. Still, I'm late of about six minutes. One more good thing is that we're not late in the office we arrived at about 7:50 (I think). Another Monday rush. I' thinking what will happen next week?

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