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Monday, February 15

"Monday So Different"

Monday rush, a different thing today. The weight of the shuttle service is reduced, passengers are lessen, and the activity inside the car is different... it's dull and gloomy. There is not much laughing and joking. Mondays from the last four years are filled with moments to cherish. The jokes, the laugh, the games, and even the naps they really filled my memory bank.

Since the near end of the project lots of personnel have gone and chartered their course out. A path which leads to their new careers. Good for them because they have flown away from the project. Unlike me, still here....

I have planned to submit my resignation since last year but I really can get a good timing and of I still don't have assurance from other companies I have applied for. Don't want to get some empty slots on my earning. I'm still waiting for their calls. Some have already called and interviewed me but still no assurance of getting hired. I'm praying to God for all this and I know God has a plan for me. Much better!

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