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Thursday, February 11

"Thoughts About Today"

Early this morning I was able to read some facts from Cornyman's blog regarding other bloggers who he thinks are cheating. Of course as our teachers in grade school always says "NO CHEATING!".

This really gives some GRRRHHH!!!! feeling about this. While I was trying my best to get into dropping on all of the required 300 which I really didn't get it done most often, this other bloggers are just lying lazy on their couch making their cheats work in just a few minutes. That's really GRRRHHHH!!!!! And worst of all I've been dropping fare and square on to their blogs to earn some EC points.

Now I think this is something that should be stopped. Once I get the list from Cornyman or I'll do my own experiment, I'll trim down all of my list for dropping. Thanks to Cornyman about this information because lately I've been doing some list that I will be using to ease up my PC on the load of opening many windows.

So to all CHEATERS play square okay!



  1. Well, on the site is said that I was cheating too. I took the chance to explain my site.
    Maybe that gives a different site on the drama.

    As you don't allow login in with name and url I have to use my old site to login to comment and give you the url of my post:

    I've been naive. I think... or those who stayed on entrecard without widget were playing a game?

    Well, it makes clear to me that people rather assume someone chose to do wrong than think good before the opposite is proven. Bah!

  2. Greetje to be precise my post was to all who are cheating, it doesn't include those who they know to themselves that they are clean. So meaning I'm speaking in general.

    I salute you for taking action and standing out to explain your side. That's a good thing to do when you know you're not doing anything wrong.

    On my post I did mention that I'm waiting for a copy of the list from Cornyman that is to validate and investigate for myself if the site is really malicious.

  3. I was also told that i cheated bec i used that quick dropping which i found a week ago but i make sure that after dropping, if i saw their blogs on Adgi, that's the time i left a comment or a message to their shoutboxes telling them that i was there dropping my EC. Am i still a ghost?? Well, i explained this to Martin (Cornyman) already but if he doesn't believe me, well fine. If they banned me, well fine too. All i know is that i am not a ghost dropper.

  4. Well, Greetje wrote how it goes on her blog.

    I think that Corneyman should have walked the proper ways, instead of just taking good people down.

    I'm appaled by the way some people reacted without even knowing if corneyman is right.

    I'm no cheater, and I do comment on blogs now and then.
    But why comment on blogs that have so many posts with advertisements?

  5. First, why should anyone have to explain anything to Martin? He's an individual blogger not someone on E-card's staff.

    Also, there were some obvious blogs on there that were "gaming" the system and some very obvious ones, like Greetje, that weren't. Yet they still got included because they didn't respond to a so-called message he sent.

    Most everyone who has read his post has taken it to be the gospel truth. I don't. Someone could have dropped on his widget the day he took it off and would still show up. There could have been any number of reasons for those so called "ghost droppers."

    It's easy to put out a list like that but how is he going to correct the mistakes he made in including those who don't "game" the system?

  6. What is life without a little drama, eh? And so, now here is a big bucket of it!

    Somebody really needs to get to the bottom of all of this.
    Many of the accused really don't seem the type to do such a thing.

    Waiting to see how this all shakes out.

  7. Greetje and Laane pointed out that they use cached sites to drop their cards!

    What does this mean?

    It means they don't actually visit several blogs (not interesting enough?) but still drop their card and claim it as a real visit.

    They visit some blogs indeed, that's why many members are now angry and say that i just posted without thinking.
    Perhaps these members should think about it, too, why they appeared on my list and not all the other 100 members who actually really visit my blog because of NOT USING CACHED SITES on their local hard drive!


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