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Wednesday, March 24

"Giving Up... Why?"

Just another thought for the day "Giving Up". Why is it that people tend to commit suicide whenever they got some serious problem with their life?

Just yesterday while listening to the radio I heard this news about two different incidents committed suicide. The other one was left by his wife and the other one with an unknown reason. I don't know the reason why they did that and I'm not in the right position to condemn them of what they have did. My only thought about this is that life is so beautiful why do you have to end it in a most miserable way.

There are people with much greater problems in their life. Some don't have hands and limbs but still they manage to keep on fighting. Others continue with their life as a living testimony on how they have survive with a great floods in their life.

There was a joke about committing suicide though it was common with drinkers, still, it speaks the truth. The phrase goes like this..."If your going to commit suicide think of the cost of the morgue, cost of the coffin, cost of the burial, and the cost of the cemetery. Now think how much is the cost of one bottle of beer." It only tells that problems can be solved all you need is someone to talk to.

If you think you have an enormous problem that you think suicide is the only solution... think twice. There's always an enormous GOD who carries your burden.

Now how about you? What do you think of this?


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  1. Hallo thanks for always dropping ec at my INsights:)
    Thanks for this hearwarming and full of lesson post..Godbless!


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