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Sunday, March 7

"Keeping Your Kids Safe"

I just want to share things that other parents might like to take it as tips for keeping their kids safe and out of danger. These are just simple things that you might consider putting into practice. Common things that most parents or some parents neglect about this.

When riding a public utility vehicles (commonly the jeep). When carrying a baby or toddlers never position yourself and your kids near the "istribo" or the entrance of the jeep. It's prone to danger especially when the jeep driver is reckless. I commonly see this with parents carrying their babies and kids. Their reason it is much easier to get off the jeep which I think they don't consider it very dangerous. I would suggest to position near behind the driver seat. It's much safer!

When riding in a car. Another common mistakes of parents in keeping their kids safe. Kids should be placed on the back seat. If it's a baby, you should seat on the backseat to carry your baby or if you have car equipment for babies place them there and make sure the seat belts are tight enough to secure them. Never carry them on the front seat! Never mind if you're husband will look like your personal driver just think about the safety of your kids.

When crossing the pedestrian lane. Always keep them on the safer side. If you're the vehicles are coming from the left place your kids on your right side and vice versa.

Never use motorcycle in ferrying your kids. Another common sight especially the fathers always ferry their kids in a motorcycle. We all know that motorcycles are very prone to accidents so never ferry your kids on this vehicle. If you don't have any alternative just make sure they wear helmets but I really discourage this.

These are just simple things parents should consider when riding vehicles. Just keep them safe and always think of them. If you have any more ideas on keeping your kids safe please do comment and reply on this post. It will help us all on keeping our kids safe. Good day and God bless!



  1. perfect post...and i agree with you yash...

    have a great weekend.


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