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Monday, March 22

"Looking for Sponsors!"

Yashiro blog will be celebrating it's 2nd Blogoversary this coming May. As part of our usual celebration a contest is always held for the benefit of the readers and bloggers. This time the contest is called "POST DROP CASH". Sponsors will gain traffic from this and bloggers will win cash and prizes.

PostDropCashLooking 4 Sponsors

Also this contest will be for a cause. For every sponsor who will commit I will be allotting a portion of the committed cash to two persons who are in need. If you remember my post last year about my wife's nephew Raphael who's a cleft lip and a cleft palate. The lip has been operated already and they are waiting for the 2nd operation which will be the palate. And the other one is my nephew Johndel, 14 years old, who is undergoing peritoneal dialysis. The allotment will be like this $5 - $1, $10 - $2, and $20 - $4. The amount is not that much but it will sure give some help.

So I encourage every bloggers who are willing to sponsor this contest and help. Hope to hear from you and God bless.



  1. wow! great! congrats! ano pong makukuha ng sponsors?

    $5 for me. Isip ko pa kung anong blog. pero for sure, $5. ^^


  2. Reviews, traffic and links for the sponsors. I got until end of April to get great sponsors.

  3. I like to sponsor your contest, pero tertiaty lang po $5.


  4. I would like to be a sponsor also, $5 muna sa ngayon for my simple pero rock site - www.redismarose.

    til end of April pa naman noh? pagnakaipon ako, baka isa pa. heheh

  5. Wow this is a great cause nga. Sige I will sponsor for the ff blogs $5 each.

    Diva Fabulosa
    The Pinay Blogger @ Home

  6. @ Kasai thanks. I will be collecting the committed prize by last week of April through paypal of course.

    @ redamethyst okay thanks. I hope na madagdagan pa. Thanks again.

    @ Jade thanks.

  7. Ok email me na lang at mommykayth(at)gmail(dot)com

    My blog is

    My Simple Life

  8. sige sis.. i'll sponsor :) 5$ from Life Can't Wait (

  9. I will sponsor $5 each blog

  10. blogged hope you get more sponsors

  11. Sad to hear about your wife's nephew getting a follow-up surgery. That aside, I'm interested in this contest your holding up. Can I be the sponsor and the participant? LOL! But seriously, I would like to know more about this contest you're hosting. Comment me back.

  12. I would like to sponsor one 125 * 125 banner spaces and one text link on The Positive Life ( for 1 month. This is equivalent to 20 $ in Value. Would you like to consider it?

  13. Hi there. great contest! count me in. let me check my finances first :)

  14. @Marice - thanks sis.

    @Sherry - thanks for always being one of my sponsors.

    @Chuchie - thanks.

    @bruneiandollar - I'll be posting the details of the contest by this week.

    @Raj - I'll consider your offer as other prizes. The primary, secondary and tertiary are for cash (via paypal) pledges only.

    @Makoy - I'll be looking forward for that.

  15. hi, I would like to be one of your sponsor. I pledge $5.

  16. ~Have an Egg-ceptional and Eggs-traordinary Easter~

  17. Hi, I would like to sponsor $5 from Random Blog Contest

  18. add pa ako ng sponsorship another $5 for this blog

  19. Hi Yashiro,

    $5 for my new site,


  20. hi ,

    I will be happy to sponsored USD 5 for my blog




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