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Saturday, March 27

"A Mail From Lockerz"

Last Thursday, my wife texted me that I got a mail from Since my wife was curious enough and couldn't wait for me to open it, she actually took the privilege of opening it for me. Well it was a sticker that's what my wife said but actually it was an iPhone Skin. It was what I have redeemed from last month's redemption day.

I really want to get an iPod Touch or a PSP or a Wii but unfortunately other members are fast enough to get the good stuff. So, what's left behind was just the stickers, iPhone Skins and some desktop designs. I prefer to take the iPhone Skins just to prove that they really send what you have redeemed. So I think I have the initial proof already and maybe next month I will receive my Z-Lister T-Shirt plus (crossing my finger) the PSP I was hoping for.

So if you want to join just send me your email and I'll send you an invitation. Joining is by invitation only. This is all free so there's no harm in trying this.


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