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Tuesday, March 16

"Monthsaries and Anniversaries"

Monthsaries and Anniversaries! How do you celebrate them? For the male specie, celebrating monthsaries and anniversaries are not their number one priority. Men are too busy with their own things and they are not into remembering dates. Men... bear it! It's true! Though there are some who are very passionate and creative with regards to celebrating events like monthsaries and anniversaries. Some even goes to a very extreme and even up to the point of spend a lot just to please their beloved one.

So how do you really celebrate these events? Do you take it seriously or you just let it passby? Think of your past and reminisce your first monthsary... or your first anniversary. Most of us are very enthusiastic and alive in celebrating our firsts but as the days and years go by we often neglect these important dates. These even comes to the point that we forget it. Other reason are saying that they neglect or forget it because they are to busy and some says that it's too expensive celebrating it. Celebrating doesn't have to be very detailed or luxurious. As I recall, our celebration are not too expensive and not too detailed but I make sure that it always has some twists. My gifts are home made and personalized because I find it more expressive. You can put what ever thoughts that you have and visualize whatever imagination runs to your mind. Everything are materials you just need a little bit of creativity and passion. I also make it exciting everytime she gets her gifts.

So how do you celebrate yours? Share your thoughts and experience!

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