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Monday, March 29

No Matter What

Yesterday I wasn't able to post the Sunday Service Message. I fell asleep trying to make our little kid sleep also. We're having problem making our little kid sleep early. He is very much active during night time or should I say the whole day. So if we wanted him to sleep early all lights should be turned off including the PC. What! Could somebody tell how to make him go to bed as early as possible? And also give me some tips how down low his hyperactivity?

Anyway enough with my kid lets go back to what I'm supposed to share tonight. I wanted to share this testimony yesterday. It was God in motion. For the background Anna has a heart problem but she still insisted or should I say she still wanted to bear a child. The testimony was done by Anna's mother. During Anna's eight month of pregnancy she was forced to deliver the baby because her waterbag broke already. Her condition was not good and according to her mother her heart beat was declining. It reaches 18 and still running low. Anna's mother was holding the buzzer and the other is laying hands over Anna. They didn't let go of God's promise though they can already buzz the doctor still they hold on to God's healing power. According to the testimony Anna was dead already then but was given a second life for her family and to testify God's power.

A phrase that Anna's family hold on to. No matter what... we will never let go Lord God! I prayed that we can be as firm as Anna's family, having our faith straight to God.



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