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Wednesday, March 31


It's reminiscing time and it's time to open our memory lane box. Recalling the days of our parts, from being a child into becoming a childish one. Indeed life always have good memories that ewe can share and enjoy retelling to the young ones. If you can still remember your younger days when you were forming a your own group, well... our memory lane box is about that. So box open!

As I recall it, we were in Grade 4. The river was still clean that time, which is by the way beside our school. You can still see the river stones beneath the water. Sometimes we go there and play. I don't exactly remember how we got into looking for stones during that day but what I remember is that we got each of us a stone and we made pact that we'll be friends and our group will be called the SEED Boys. SEED comes from our last names. S is for Santiago, E is for Ello, the other E was the last name of Noel (I forgot what was it but I know t started with E) and of course the D stands for Demo (my last name). Put them all together forms the word SEED and since we're all boys it became SEED Boys.

The group stayed on until Grade 5 and not until Sundy Ello had to stop schooling because of some personal reason. So the SEED Boys lost one because after that we don't have any communication with him. The three of us graduated from elementary. Santiago and I continued high school on the same school but Noel we didn't know where he went to. After that we don't have any communication with Noel. The SEED Boys was lost after elementary, all have gone to their own paths. Santiago and we're the only ones left and up to now we're still friends.

I don't know where I had put that stone but what matters is that I still remember the pact. I wonder where's Sundy and Noel now....

So that wraps up our memory lane and it's time to close the box. Tatata!

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