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Thursday, March 18

"Things to Consider For Toys"

We all know that kids loves toys. This is their world and this is how they learn things, aside from us parents of course. For kids, toys are essential! Before we go shopping for toys there are things that we parents should consider and we should take it as a habit to ensure the safety of our kids.

  • Fabric made toys should be tagged or labeled as flame resistant or flame retardant.
  • Stuffed toys should be washable.
  • Painted toys should be covered with lead-free paint and should indicate that the paint used are lead-free.
  • Art materials should be labeled as nontoxic.
  • Crayons and paints should be labeled approved by testing agencies on your respective country.
  • Toys should be age-appropriate.

I hope that these little information can help other parents choose the best and safe toys for their kids.



  1. To add to your list, toys must be age-appropriate...such as small pieces are not appropriate for toddlers who might swallow them. =)

  2. Thanks for the additional info. I'll update it.


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