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Friday, April 30

Friday Leave and Check Up

Good thing that I'm on leave today because last night was terrible. We don't have any electricity and though it was raining the weather seems hot. I got home with no electricity, my wife think it was off about 8 pm. Worst is that it went on until this morning. Meaning the power was off for 13 hours. I wasn't able to do my online chores last night.

Now I'll be off to the doctor for my follow up check up. I don't know how much cholesterols I have lost and also I want to know my SGPT. So I'm off now.


Wednesday, April 28

Joining BC Bloggers

I have been seeing this BC Bloggers Badge from other bloggers that I often visit.  I thought this was only for the ladies because of the image in the badge but not until I found this on David's blog.  Knowing that David is guy, I got curious and check this out and eventually found out that it was open to all bloggers.  So here I am posting it here and I am joining.


Calling all bloggers who want to gain friends in the blogosphere and build links at the same time – BC Bloggers 3 is now open. To join just visit Mommy Diary, read the requirements, and fill out the Application Form.


Tuesday, April 27

A Teaser for the Blogoversary Contest

POST...DROP...CASH 2nd Yashiro Blogoversary Contest

Yashiro’s 2nd Blogoversary Contest is called the “POST… DROP… CASH”. POST... an article – DROP… the URL – and win CASH. This will be a whole month celebration and a whole month of chances to win cash prizes and other surprises. The “Big Post Drop Event” will run from May 1, 2010 up to May 31, 2010 and the winners will be announced on June 5, 2010. This is to give me ample time to review the points and standing of each participant. The initial cash prizes will be FIRST PRIZE - $50, SECOND PRIZE - $25, & THIRD PRIZE - $10. While the “Post Droplet Events” will be done every week of May 2010 and the activity/contest will be a surprise. It will start on Sunday once the Post Droplet Event is posted it will end on Saturday at 12 noon Philippine Time. The winner will be announced 9:00 PM or later.


Update with the Blogoversary Event

Few more days and will be officially launching the Blogoversary Contest.  Prizes and stuffs awaits for the participants.  This will be a whole month affair so better watch out and read our daily and weekly post.  You'll never know what surprise will fall onto you.

For the sponsors who have signifies their pledges of PRIMARY SPONSORS - $20, SECONDARY SPONSORS - $10, and TERTIARY SPONSORS - $5 kindly send your pledges through paypal  In case sponsors haven't read about this an email will be sent to them later this day.

Again, this contest is also for a cause so for those who still want to be part of the contest sponsor just leave your comment to signify your pledges and send your pledges through paypal.  So to all the sponsors and sponsors to be thank you very much and God Bless!


Monday, April 26

The Amana Waterpark

The Outing today took place in "Amana Waterpark", it is located in Pandi, Bulacan. It is just a few hours away from Manila.

I'm not sure where did the driver went through and we got lost but according to their map location they are just a few minutes away from Manila. For those who are going to this place just follow their map and the direction.

I hate that hired driver! He coursed us through some rugged, dusty, and rough road. And he said he knew the place and he has been there before. Grrrhhh! Now because of that dust my eyes are irritable.

Anyway we got to the place behind schedule because of rerouting. The place was really big and it got lots of statues, anime characters, superheroes, and animals. Maki was unfamiliar with big statues and figures giving him the scare that was at first but when he got used to them well he was the one dragging me to go there.

We stayed in a cottage. I think this is the cottage or much bigger...

Their pool is another main attraction. At first I thought their wave pool was nothing compared to 9 waves in San Mateo, Rizal but when I've experienced it, well it was one heck of a wave. The only problem is that they don't have any rope or bars to hold on too when waves starts to rock.

Since this is our first time in Amana Waterpark this is another first thing experience for Maki. It's his first time to swim on bigger pool, first time to used his inflated life vest, first time to ride the inflated "salbabida", and one more thing this is his first time to dive beneath the water gulping pool water because his "salbabida" turned upside down. So, this day got a lot of firsts for Maki.
As I'm writing this post I'm actually feeling burn on my face and on my shoulder. That's because I forgot to buy sunblock! Good thing that there's not much sun during the morning because it was cloudy enough to cover the sun. Still, you can really feel the intense heat. I think I'll be having some peelings on my skin and face after a few days.


Sunday, April 25

Summer Outing On Mommy's Office

Well I'm still awake and finishing all my online chores.  A few hours from now Mommy's Office will be having a Summer Outing at Amana Resort.  As their Office tradition all immediate family are invited to join the Summer Outing.  So Maki and I are also invited.  The call time is very early so at the break of dawn will be going to Mommy's Office first to join the others and then will proceed to the resort.  So in other word I won't have enough time to do all my online chores during the morning.

We'll be missing Sunday Church Service again.  Anyway I'll pray that we'll be safe in our journey and during our activity.  Maybe I'll just tune in at JAM 88.3 at around 9 AM to listen and get LIFTED.  That's their schedule of Christian Contemporary Music.  Try to listen on it also and get LIFTED with music and songs they're playing.

By the way better watch out for the posting of the upcoming contest!



Saturday, April 24

Making Your House Child-Friendly

As our kids grow and explore the world around, them many things happen and accidents do occur. No matter how we keep our kids safe still there are incidents that we cannot control. So in order to avoid accidents and to ensure the safety of our children there are tips and things that can be done. So what are these tips and things? By making our house "Child-Friendly". So by creating a more conducive and child-friendly house can lessen children accidents.

  1. Keep all knives and pointed materials in a drawing or cabinet. Kids loves to explore and most of the time kids just pick up things and plays with it. To avoid this make sure that all knives and pointed materials should be placed inside the cabinets or drawers where children won't be able to reach it. Like I said kids loves to explore so make they won't be able to reach it and open it.
  2. Furnitures with corners and rough edges. If you're house is filled with glass tables, antique sala set, or modern/contemporary furniture please keep them safe for the kids. The edges and corners are the usual areas where kids usually get injured or accidents. Keep them in the stock room or in a place where kids don't usually visit at least for the time being that your kids are still exploring. Kids are very prone to head bumps and other head injuries with these furnitures around. Or if you can't keep them away try to cover it with materials that will lessen or prevent injuries worst.
  3. Always keep the floor dry. Not just for health reason but also for the safety of your kids. We don't want our kids to get those nasty injuries like broken bones and bruises. So always make sure all areas in our house are dry and clean.
  4. Keep away all poisonous/toxic materials and liquids. Most cleaning materials are not kept properly, especially if we're on a hurry or we forgot to return it to their storage. These can really a very nasty accident if it happens to our kids. Children will touch, taste and drink if it's a liquid, anything that their hands can reach. They will really explore things around them and before we knew it accident already happened. So parents should be vigilant about this matter. Let us always put in mind that we should always keep these poisonous or toxic materials in their right places unreached by the children.
  5. Make the kids room bright and lively. I know that we oldies loves our house very and most of our color preferences deviates with the kids. So by making, at least their room, bright and lively will give them good and better development with their perspective and imagination. Pastel colors are great for the kids. Color recognition develops much faster.
  6. TV viewing distance. Kids loves to watch cartoons, other animated characters, and their favorite children shows. Most kids suffer eye problem at a very young age because of TV viewing. Parents take for granted the length or the distance of the viewing area and the TV or entertainment units. I know most houses are constraint on making the right distance and spaces to be able to provide different areas in the house. So in placing your TVs or entertainment units at least put a distance of 3-4 meters between the couch and the TV or entertainment units. These is based only on my observation with kids who suffers with eye problems. Most of them are too near from the TV sets.

These are just some of the things that should be consider in making your house child-friendly. I hope that these article can help other parents and parents to be. If you have more ideas regarding this please do comment and share your ideas. God bless!


Thursday, April 22

Earth Day

Today is the celebration of the Earth Day. People are supposed to celebrate Earth Day but ironically these so called environmentalist are doing it the wrong way. Correct me if I'm wrong. These so-called environmentalists celebrate by having a concert and a motorcade. Concert and a motorcade! I just want to exhale my thoughts about today's Earth Day.

First I want to give emphasis on the concert. I'm not that kill joy but if we really wanted to celebrate we could have celebrate it plain and simple. Concerts are good but it entails much pollution if you'll look at it carefully. People will come to the concert and they'll going to use their car and will emit carbon in the air. Isn't it one of the reason that the Earth is suffering from climate change. Also, concerts needs electricity to run the lights and musical instruments so another resources are being used up. Second is the motorcade. Cars use gas and they emits carbon. So tell me, does the celebration of Earth Day make sense?

How about you? What do you think?


Wednesday, April 21

Laughing With Makoy's Contest

Since I started blogging I always find Makoy’s badge on some blogsite. I sometimes read his posts and find it interesting, specially the funny ones. It really starts my day lively. Now that Makoy’s got a contest that I think will surely laugh out loud.

So this is my entry to the Humor Me Makoy Contest. I have chosen his blog post entitled “Funny Australian Store”. I find this story funny and interesting. Most people judge people by how they look which sometimes lead to conclusion about what they do. People always jump to conclusion without even investigating thoroughly. The story doesn’t just gives laugh but also some lesson to learn.

This reminds me of a story that we had when we were in college. This happens during our extension program in one of the province here in the Philippines. Every semester break we always go to barrios and under developed towns in the province. We extend our help by providing books and have a youth encounter with the locals. We also immerse and stay there for more than two weeks.

Now here’s the fun part, during our first day there’s a welcome party for us and all are dressed for the occasion. There’s this portion that the local youth guys of the town will get and dance with our ladies, and of course we will dance with their ladies as well. While chatting on who we’re going to dance with, one of the local youth guys went to us and tapped Edwin’s (actually I forgot his name) shoulder. When Edwin turned around the guy was really surprised that what he thought was a lady was actually a guy. Because Edwin got a very long hair and he was always mistaken as a lady. So in order not to embarrass the guy Edwin dance with him. We really wanted to burst into laugh that time. The good thing is that it’s not a sweet music. After that night when we were all alone that’s the time we burst into laugh. We’re not blaming the local youth guy but we’re laughing about Edwin because he’s always mistaken as lady and that’s because of his long hair. LOL!


Tuesday, April 20

Candidates, Campaigns, & Election

Another blank thoughts today.  I'm thinking too many things but I can't seems to establish any thoughts today.  I want to write but the ideas seems to many that I don't know which one to write and focus on.  Okay I'll just take a deep breath... inhale... and exhale.   Now lets start!

This post is for all the Filipino people!

Since we're counting a few more weeks before the election day let's take a look about the upcoming election.  Up to now I still don't have any clear person to vote for president.  It seems that most of them do have some things hidden behind their backs.  They're all eying for the position.  Why?  To serve the country?  Well all of them wanted to serve the country.  Is it really their motive?  We don't know for now but for whatever reason it is they sure wanted to get it.

The President's position is really vested with much power though the salary is only equal to those who are working as senior managers (I think) of big companies.   So if the salary is that low why do they still wanted the position?  One, I think is that you'll be well recognized not only in the Philippines but also around the world and two, I think its the stature and the effect that holds it.  That's why most of these candidates are eager to invest more what is supposed to be spent for the campaign just to win the election.  

I hate those candidates who picture themselves that because of them they have build thousands of schools, roads, and establishments.  You know why?  I hate them because that's their work and that's why they are elected because of that purpose so they don't have the right to plaster to their posters that they have did this and that.  Do you think they will still do that if they are not in the position?  And do you think they will spend their own money for those schools, roads, and establishments?  I don't think so.

So this coming election let us all think over and over again before we cast our votes.  Let us pray that we will elect the right person.

Who among the presidential candidates are you going to elect?


Update on Sponsors!

So far so good.  A lot of bloggers had already made their pledges for the upcoming contest on May 2010.  There are about 24 bloggers made their pledges rounding up the cash amounting to $120.  There are still few more undecided bloggers on how much will they pledge so the cash amount may raise up to $200.    To compute it there will be $160 cash prizes to be given away and $40 will be given to the benefactors of this contest.   I pray that there will be more sponsors so that we can give more prizes and more help to the benefactor of this contest.  Any suggestions!


Monday, April 19

Monday Rush : Art Post Post

Just been busy during the weekend and I haven't made any good post for this blog.  Saturday was just a quick post.  I have to prepare all the documents needed for the GSIS Painting Competition and of course the painting itself.   The painting is just simple.  It is entitled "SELF CRUCIFIXION" and it's an abstract.   One of the receiver during the submission commented that it was an "Usok" (smoke).  Yes it's more of a smoke because our future is clouded and we don't know what will happen to us in the future.  With the way we treat our planet our life in the future is darkened and clouded.

During the submission you can see lots of good art works paintings and sculptures.  There are realism, abstract, etc and there's also a sculpture of Manny Pacquiao.  I wasn't able to take a photo of that.  4 PM was the deadline of the submission and I was there at around past 3 PM but you can still see waves of artist coming and submitting their artworks.  I'll just pray that my work will be notice even just a bit.  Maybe next year I'll don some realistic representational artwork.

I still got one more competition to join and this one is initiated by Metrobank.  I used to join here during the past few years but I'm not that lucky enough to get any prize.  Just like in GSIS the theme is open so you can paint whatever you want just make sure that you'll comply their size and medium requirements.  According to my schedule I should have made a concept already and started painting it but in actual I only have mere concept.  I just pray that I could finished it on time.

I also got one art design contest that I'll be joining it's the wheatgrasscan T Shirt design contest.  Maybe I'll finish it later and submit it also.  I'll make another post for it together with the link and hope for all the visitors to check the site and vote for my design.  If I get a large number of vote it will be great.  At least I'll get a chance to win.  For the meantime I'll just have to work and do my duties in the office.

Good to everyone and have a nice day!


Saturday, April 17

On to GSIS

Today is the submission date for the GSIS Painting Competition.  After I have completed some of my chores I'll be going now but first I have to complete all the requirements and things needed.   Well, I don't actually expect to win but the experience, be noticed (if there are some art lovers who would like my painting) and the chance of being involved is one of the great price.    If I get to win then it will be much greater.   I'll pray that my artwork will be noticed and be given a chance.



Thursday, April 15

Maki Loves Music

Right before Maki was born I would always play some music in the house.  My wife always listen to it and of course Maki also listens inside the womb.   When Maki was music is still our way to make him hush whenever he cries.  I would sing a lullaby for him or play a music from the computer.  Now that his a preschooler he still loves to listen to music but this time he sings along.   Another good thing is that he follows some of the action songs.  It's really great to see sing and do the actions though some of the words are not that clear he gets the tune correctly.    So maybe next time he'll be singing the whole song in fine tune.


Tuesday, April 13

Thoughts After Work

Just had my day at work.  Not very loaded today but it seems that I'm loaded of things to do, not only at work but also in different parts of my life that affects me very much.  There are too many ideas to do but so little time to accomplish everything.  Maybe a prayer will help to strengthen me to accomplish things little by little.


Monday, April 12

Monday Rush : Cramming

Cramming!  Why do we always cram?  Well, during my college days cramming is an everyday word for us.  I always tend to set aside those works that I can do right away.  Reasons... well I'm not in the mood yet to do those things.  The ideas doesn't easily flow during those free times.  Ideas only flow when the deadline is already near or it's just a few hours till the scheduled time and date.   I don't know where it came from but I myself admits that I'm a crammer.   Just like what I recently just finished.  It's an entry for the GSIS Painting Competition.  I just finished it yesterday and the submission is this coming Saturday.  Whew!  What a cram!    I know you will say that I should have set schedule for it.  I did set a schedule but unfortunately due to resources, I wasn't able to keep track my schedule.  Anyway I was able to finished it on time.  I just don't know how will it be judge.   Maybe I'll have a chance to do it again for the upcoming AAP and Metrobank painting competition.


"Alvin and Chipmunks On The Loose!"

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Alvin and the Chipmunks. All opinions are 100% mine.

Yes! They’re on the loose now! The “Alvin and the Chipmunks : Squeakquel” is now available on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Download. They are also including one bonus disc, “The Squeak Along”, for more music and singalong! It’s TWICE THE FUN for the PRICE OF ONE! I’m sure my son will love watching this over and over again. We watched this movie on the big screen and Maki really enjoyed it. This was Maki’s first movie on the big screen. So all I have to do now is buy one copy for Maki.
I remembered watching the cartoon series when I was a kid. Seeing it now on 3D animation really makes me WOW! During that time I’m much older than my son. I always rush back into the house when it’s time for the Alvin and the Chipmunks cartoon series. It was called cartoons before and the colors of the animated chipmunks are really appealing that time. I just wonder if Maki will watch the cartoon series will he still recognized the Chipmunks? Thinking again, 2D or 3D my son will surely recognize them especially when they started singing.

If you’re kids really love the Chipmunks then let them be “munk” in this site They will enjoy it very much.
So Dads and Moms go get that movie and buy it now. You can also visit their site for More Munk Mayhem.

Visit my sponsor: Alvin and the Chipmunks:


Sunday, April 11

Daddy Day Care : Sports Fest

I was supposed to post this yesterday but because of body aches I wasn't able to write any article.  Yesterday was a fun filled day for our family.  The church held a sports fest.  Though we came late, still, we had a great time.   After long years of not playing basketball, I was forced to play yesterday as a result body aches and muscle pain.  And the worst of all I didn't even get score.  Anyway maybe there will another time.   For Maki this was his first time to see me play basketball that's why he chased me while playing.   Maki had his fun but after a few hours of playing, running around, chasing with Ate Lanie and his Lolo, got him tired.  I think he was already sleepy but couldn't sleep because of the fun things happening around him.   The whole event wasn't finished yet when we left.  Maki fell asleep already.  We got home tired and sleepy.


Saturday, April 10

Bali Getaway Contest

While browsing through my email, I found this letter from Reader's Digest.  The mail was an invitation to join a contest, a "Bali Getaway Contest".  So what's with this Bali Getaway well it says this... You could WIN a 5D/4N Getaway at two luxurious Alila Bali Resorts!
Marco Polo Demo, whether you are decompressing from work, or soothing sore muscles from working out, you know you are craving a reward. You deserve a break ... a Bali Break. Isn't it great!

Now, I clicked and went straight to the site and check it out. I see this...


So what do you think of the place? Isn't it romantic enough to think of 50 words why do you want to have this Bali getaway. Me, I do get my words but it's not 50 but less than. It would be much better to express it with lesser words. So what's my phrase? Well... it's a secret! Maybe you should think of yours too and join!


Friday, April 9

Another Friday Holiday

Dambana ng Kagitingan in Mt. Samt, Pilar, 
Bataan, Philippines

Good thing today is holiday here in our place. It's called the "DAY OF VALOR" which honors all the heroes who fought for freedom and independence. This will be a good opportunity for me because I can concentrate and finish my artwork. I'll be doing one for the contest. I just pray that my concept will push through and bag some winnings. Maybe I'll try to post one picture about it here soon. For now this is my only post because I have to work on art now.

By the way my contest is still looking for sponsors. So if you're gracious and willing to be part of it please do pledge. Thanks good day and God bless!


Thursday, April 8

Keeping Snacks Fresh for Kids

Parents want the best for their kids and that's a fact. Since our little ones aren't able to use knives and other peeling tools, we parents, do the peeling especially on fruits. For sure we want them to be safe. That goes also with the foods they are eating. We prefer fresh and nutritious snacks for them like apples, oranges, banana, etc. The only problem with fruits when peeled off is that they turn brownish when left open and exposed. So after a few minutes, when the kids comes back for more they are turned off to eat it again because of the coloring. So keeping fresh snacks fresh is really hard. Good thing that there are parents who shares their tips and tricks on parenting. Got this from one of the article in, though the article is for apple slices only well I supposed it applies to all fruits when peeled off or sliced.

So parents here's the trick on keeping those fresh snacks really fresh until your kids finish them, acidulated water is the answer. If you're kids loves fruits so much and they don't like those brownish part after slicing just pour an acidulated water on it. Now, I know you are going to ask where will I get that acidulated water. Well it's just simple, it's just a plain water mix with edible acid such as lemon or lime juice. It as simple as that!

Nice trick ha! Well if you have anymore tips and tricks that you can share feel free to comment.


Tuesday, April 6

"Missed Movies and TV Series"

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Charter. All opinions are 100% mine.

I really love to watch movies and TV series. It’s my way of escaping from the stressful world of work and at the same time it’s my way of relaxation. Stress can really it you up if you don’t have any diversion. Though I love to watch movies, there are times that I missed to watch movies on the big screen especially those good movies. It really frustrates me. Even those TV series, it’s so frustrating if you missed one episode. So if you’re a movie and TV series avid fun, I’m sure you’ll do everything to look for those missed movies and TV series.


If you have heard of Charter digital and if you have one of this, then you’re in luck because you can access On Demand for free. The good thing about this is that you can watch your favorite TV series anytime. No waiting and no schedules. So if you missed one episode you can just access On Demand and watch for it.

This also works for your kids. I’m sure a lot of Moms and Dads couldn’t bear the quarrel and fight with their kids especially when it is animated cartoon time. With On Demand you can easily let them watch their favorite animated cartoons with no hassle at all.

I said earlier that I love to watch movies especially if it is on the big the screen but because it is too expensive I often missed those good movies. So I just wait for them to be released on DVDs. The only problem is that it takes time before they are released on movie stores. Unlike on Charter’s On Demand it doesn’t takes too long and the best feature is that you can choose from standard to high definition. In which there are hundreds of good high definition shows and movies to choose from.

So if you want to check this out you can learn more at or you can get updates and fun extras on Charter’s Facebook page. Just remember that good movies aren’t hard to find.

Visit my sponsor: Often Overlooked Gem


Monday, April 5

Monday Rush : Holiday Hang Over

First day after Easter Sunday, another Monday Rush. It seems that I still have the long weekend hang over. Though it feels dull, achy, and gloomy I got to work and do my job. My family didn't spend time on beaches and resort we just stayed in the house cleaned and organized our things that's why I feel a bit achy. Maybe a little run tonight would straighten up my achy feeling.


Sunday, April 4

Happy Easter

Don't look inside the tomb like Mary.  Jesus lives! Happy Easter Sunday to everyone.
Here are some praise musics. Who says Christians don't rocks? Well we do rocks and God is our rock.


Saturday, April 3

An Indie Film : Gulong

Just earlier this evening there was a movie shown in one of the TV Station.  I think it was part of the 700 Club's movie presentation during this Holy Week.   The title of the Indie Film is "Gulong".  The major characters were kids,  Apao and Momoy, they were ten years old.  They were cousins who lived together because Apao's parents passed away when he was still a baby.


From school these two boys walk only all the way to there house unlike their friend who has a bike.  So the whole story started with the eagerness to have a bike.  While they were on their home they found an old bike from an old house and they asked the owner if they can have it since it was old already but the old lady didn't just give it away to them.  They were given a condition that if they can raise Php100 in five (not sure with the number) days, the old lady would sell it to them.  So the two cousins did everything that they could to raise the money.   But unfortunate thing happens their electric bill was on due and the grandmother who was supposed to pay the bill used the money in gambling.  So Apao with their earnings used it to pay for the bill.  With no money Apao returned to the old lady and told her that he won't buy the bicycle anymore.  He just sighed that maybe it was not meant for me.  The old lady eagerly challenged the kid.  He gave him another chance but this time Apao and his cousin should raise Php200 in five days.  So again, they did every thing and they even washed dishes for some "panciteria" or an eatery in their area.  Before they could reach the amount, one of their schoolmates who's always bullying them came to them crying and said that his mother was rushed to hospital.  Without hesitation Apao gave all their earnings to the kid and told him that he'll need it.  He just said to his cousin Momoy that kid badly needed the money and just commented that if the bike ours to be then it will be.  The two cousin with their friend just ate fishball (a street food).  While sitting on the park Apao found a wallet with money, his cousin Momoy and their friend told him that they now could buy the bike but Apao replied that it belongs to someone else.   Indeed it belongs to someone else because as they leave there was a lady looking for something and Apao ask what is she looking for.  The lady replied that his looking for her wallet.  So Apao gave the wallet the he has found.

Worrying on how to raise money their parents thought that Apao and Momoy were unto bad things and as they were about to explain the Brgy Chairman came to their house.   Together with a mother and child they look for Apao and thank Apao for what he did.  The Brgy. Chairman even told that their Mayor was very proud of what Apao did.  Another day came and another visitor came looking for Apao, it was their bully classmate together with his mother.  They were thanking Apao for lending the money.  With gratitude they payback Apao the money.  So now that they have the money they returned to the old lady and showed the money but instead of taking the money she just let them keep it including the bike.  She just wanted to test Apao if his really eager to have the bicycle.  The old lady also asked Apao to take good care of the bike.  Still there blessing hasn't stop because the Mayor recognized him and even gave him a new bicycle.  Another thing happened is that their grandfather showed up and asked his uncle to manage their farm.

So what was this movie all about?  It's all about our life and the trials that we face in life.  Like Apao and Momoy their simple desire to have a bike became their major problem.  They focused on solving it but no matter how hard they try to solve it problems still coming into them.  But the good thing about them is that they never stopped attaining their goal and they didn't surrender.  Though there are times that they were drives are low still they were able to pull it up.  Another thing is the unselfishness of Apao.  He always think of others.


The Seven Last Words

As I remember, that was before we became part of the United Methodist Church, going to church and listening to the "Seven Last Words" was a bit different.  The usual ambiance of like there's someone has died lurks the surroundings.  Everything was so pale.  Maybe because of the time that they pattern to Jesus Christ's crucifixion. I really don't know!  All I know is that the seventh word always ends at 3:00 PM,  IT IS FINISHED!

As a kid going to church always turns out to be a dull moment of my life.  Every thing was like a slow motion picture.  The ticking of the clock turns out like hours before it ticks again especially when the priest preach like Kuya Cesar (a radio announcer who speaks very slow).  That was the days before we became Christians.

Now, every years Seven Last Words was like a wrap gift it delivers different messages every time it was preach at the pulpit.  It is never the same as before.


To Spank or Not to Spank

As a parent we intend to discipline our children. Making all possible way to keep them on the right track which we perceived is the right way. There are parents who are authoritarian, there are some who are lenient, and some are democratic. Whichever is their way to discipline still, parents are the ones who decides.

One method of disciplining kids is very well known to everyone. I think it encompasses all ages because all of us are once children. So if most parents do this it's because they are brought up this way. Spanking! I'm sure everyone knows this and most people passed through this.

Is spanking good or bad? There are pros and cons with this matter. Authoritarians will for sure say that it is good while others will say it's bad. So let's list down the pros and cons of spanking.

Pros of Spanking
  • Children are well disciplined.
  • Can easily be warned about certain rules and regulations.
  • Mistakes are regulated.
Cons of Spanking
  • Children develops fear and anger.
  • Most children are maltreated.
  • Children are afraid of doing mistakes.
Now that we have list down some of the pros and cons let us now discuss. Indeed children who are spanked by their parents are well disciplined, they follow rules and regulations, and most of their works are precise and less mistakes but what about their emotional factor, especially if they are spanked without proper explanation. Some parents thought that spanking their kids is all they have to do to keep them disciplined. They forgot that there is another way to discipline them which is a good one on one and heart to heart talk. Boosting their emotional factor helps them more than just simply spanking them. Another thing with spanking is that children who experienced spanking develops too much trauma. Some of these children develops fear and anger which most of the time leads to inappropriate behavior. According to some NGOs who cater the welfare of the children spanking is also one form of violence and you as parent is violating one of the children's right. Still, parents are ones who decide how they are going to bear their children the only matter is which process will they use for the development of their children.

For me, spanking is a big NO in our house. I just let them learn and become adventurous but always be sure to be their by their side and explain everything to them. If they made a mistake talk to them and explain why you are angry. In that way they'll be able to develop both their intellect and their emotion at the same time. All we just wanted are the best for our children.


Friday, April 2

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Thursday, April 1

Penitence... Sacrifices... Crucifixion


During Holy Week you'll see streets with devotee whipping themselves as a form of their penitence, some carry crosses, and sometimes others let themselves be crucified on a cross just like Jesus Christ. I'm sure during this week people intend to do sacrifices and other form of penitence to cleanse and wash their sins just like what Jesus Christ has done, he suffered and died for us.

I just wanted to shares what I have observed last during this week. I know some people will react on this but it is just an observation. It was Holy Tuesday, while driving back to our staff house after our field work I noticed this people whipping and slashing themselves. I don't know what it is but the man is really getting hurt, on the other side of the street there were man carrying a cross, and another pair not far from the group. I noticed that they were lighting something. I thought it was a torch but when I see that the man inhaled and exhaled some smoke, well I know you can guess what is that. They were smoking. I'm sure they were part of the group.

Now, what's my point? The point is that penitence and sacrifices are ought to be done without the luxury of getting relieved. Your sacrificing because of a cause and you're supposed to be serious about that. Making your relieved of the pain caused by your sacrifices forfeits the purpose. Besides we're not supposed to do this things anymore because Jesus Christ had already done this things so that we are save from sins. All we need to do is to acknowledge that we are all sinners and we should accept Christ as our God and savior.

Sacrifices are good especially when it is for a cause but crucifying yourself and inflicting wounds to yourself, well I don't know about that. This is my observation and my Idea. Jesus Christ loves us very much!


Observing Holy Week

The Holy Week started last Sunday or what we call Palm Sunday. It is the triumphant entry of Jesus to Jerusalem. For most Christians, Holy Week is observed as a time for meditations and reflections. Some people do fasting and others do what they usually do.

Today is Maundy Thursday or Holy Thursday. This is the day that the Jews celebrates the Passover. The Passover is the passing over of death to once family with the blood of a lamb on their door. This was the plague brought down before the exodus of Israelites from Egypt. This is also the day that Jesus Christ had his Last Supper with his disciples followed by the washing of the feet.

Do you wonder why it is called Maundy Thursday? Maundy comes from a latin word meaning "Command". On Maundy Thursday, the Maundy refers to Jesus Christ's commandment to the disciples to love and serve one another which was given during the last supper. So the washing of the feet is Jesus Christ act of love and service to others.

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