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Monday, April 26

The Amana Waterpark

The Outing today took place in "Amana Waterpark", it is located in Pandi, Bulacan. It is just a few hours away from Manila.

I'm not sure where did the driver went through and we got lost but according to their map location they are just a few minutes away from Manila. For those who are going to this place just follow their map and the direction.

I hate that hired driver! He coursed us through some rugged, dusty, and rough road. And he said he knew the place and he has been there before. Grrrhhh! Now because of that dust my eyes are irritable.

Anyway we got to the place behind schedule because of rerouting. The place was really big and it got lots of statues, anime characters, superheroes, and animals. Maki was unfamiliar with big statues and figures giving him the scare that was at first but when he got used to them well he was the one dragging me to go there.

We stayed in a cottage. I think this is the cottage or much bigger...

Their pool is another main attraction. At first I thought their wave pool was nothing compared to 9 waves in San Mateo, Rizal but when I've experienced it, well it was one heck of a wave. The only problem is that they don't have any rope or bars to hold on too when waves starts to rock.

Since this is our first time in Amana Waterpark this is another first thing experience for Maki. It's his first time to swim on bigger pool, first time to used his inflated life vest, first time to ride the inflated "salbabida", and one more thing this is his first time to dive beneath the water gulping pool water because his "salbabida" turned upside down. So, this day got a lot of firsts for Maki.
As I'm writing this post I'm actually feeling burn on my face and on my shoulder. That's because I forgot to buy sunblock! Good thing that there's not much sun during the morning because it was cloudy enough to cover the sun. Still, you can really feel the intense heat. I think I'll be having some peelings on my skin and face after a few days.

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