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Saturday, April 10

Bali Getaway Contest

While browsing through my email, I found this letter from Reader's Digest.  The mail was an invitation to join a contest, a "Bali Getaway Contest".  So what's with this Bali Getaway well it says this... You could WIN a 5D/4N Getaway at two luxurious Alila Bali Resorts!
Marco Polo Demo, whether you are decompressing from work, or soothing sore muscles from working out, you know you are craving a reward. You deserve a break ... a Bali Break. Isn't it great!

Now, I clicked and went straight to the site and check it out. I see this...


So what do you think of the place? Isn't it romantic enough to think of 50 words why do you want to have this Bali getaway. Me, I do get my words but it's not 50 but less than. It would be much better to express it with lesser words. So what's my phrase? Well... it's a secret! Maybe you should think of yours too and join!

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