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Tuesday, April 20

Candidates, Campaigns, & Election

Another blank thoughts today.  I'm thinking too many things but I can't seems to establish any thoughts today.  I want to write but the ideas seems to many that I don't know which one to write and focus on.  Okay I'll just take a deep breath... inhale... and exhale.   Now lets start!

This post is for all the Filipino people!

Since we're counting a few more weeks before the election day let's take a look about the upcoming election.  Up to now I still don't have any clear person to vote for president.  It seems that most of them do have some things hidden behind their backs.  They're all eying for the position.  Why?  To serve the country?  Well all of them wanted to serve the country.  Is it really their motive?  We don't know for now but for whatever reason it is they sure wanted to get it.

The President's position is really vested with much power though the salary is only equal to those who are working as senior managers (I think) of big companies.   So if the salary is that low why do they still wanted the position?  One, I think is that you'll be well recognized not only in the Philippines but also around the world and two, I think its the stature and the effect that holds it.  That's why most of these candidates are eager to invest more what is supposed to be spent for the campaign just to win the election.  

I hate those candidates who picture themselves that because of them they have build thousands of schools, roads, and establishments.  You know why?  I hate them because that's their work and that's why they are elected because of that purpose so they don't have the right to plaster to their posters that they have did this and that.  Do you think they will still do that if they are not in the position?  And do you think they will spend their own money for those schools, roads, and establishments?  I don't think so.

So this coming election let us all think over and over again before we cast our votes.  Let us pray that we will elect the right person.

Who among the presidential candidates are you going to elect?


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