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Thursday, April 22

Earth Day

Today is the celebration of the Earth Day. People are supposed to celebrate Earth Day but ironically these so called environmentalist are doing it the wrong way. Correct me if I'm wrong. These so-called environmentalists celebrate by having a concert and a motorcade. Concert and a motorcade! I just want to exhale my thoughts about today's Earth Day.

First I want to give emphasis on the concert. I'm not that kill joy but if we really wanted to celebrate we could have celebrate it plain and simple. Concerts are good but it entails much pollution if you'll look at it carefully. People will come to the concert and they'll going to use their car and will emit carbon in the air. Isn't it one of the reason that the Earth is suffering from climate change. Also, concerts needs electricity to run the lights and musical instruments so another resources are being used up. Second is the motorcade. Cars use gas and they emits carbon. So tell me, does the celebration of Earth Day make sense?

How about you? What do you think?


1 comment:

  1. We have the same sentiments.. you have said enough already and I could only agree with you.

    In my advocacy, I created another blog solely for this.

    The Recycling Loop


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