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Saturday, April 3

An Indie Film : Gulong

Just earlier this evening there was a movie shown in one of the TV Station.  I think it was part of the 700 Club's movie presentation during this Holy Week.   The title of the Indie Film is "Gulong".  The major characters were kids,  Apao and Momoy, they were ten years old.  They were cousins who lived together because Apao's parents passed away when he was still a baby.


From school these two boys walk only all the way to there house unlike their friend who has a bike.  So the whole story started with the eagerness to have a bike.  While they were on their home they found an old bike from an old house and they asked the owner if they can have it since it was old already but the old lady didn't just give it away to them.  They were given a condition that if they can raise Php100 in five (not sure with the number) days, the old lady would sell it to them.  So the two cousins did everything that they could to raise the money.   But unfortunate thing happens their electric bill was on due and the grandmother who was supposed to pay the bill used the money in gambling.  So Apao with their earnings used it to pay for the bill.  With no money Apao returned to the old lady and told her that he won't buy the bicycle anymore.  He just sighed that maybe it was not meant for me.  The old lady eagerly challenged the kid.  He gave him another chance but this time Apao and his cousin should raise Php200 in five days.  So again, they did every thing and they even washed dishes for some "panciteria" or an eatery in their area.  Before they could reach the amount, one of their schoolmates who's always bullying them came to them crying and said that his mother was rushed to hospital.  Without hesitation Apao gave all their earnings to the kid and told him that he'll need it.  He just said to his cousin Momoy that kid badly needed the money and just commented that if the bike ours to be then it will be.  The two cousin with their friend just ate fishball (a street food).  While sitting on the park Apao found a wallet with money, his cousin Momoy and their friend told him that they now could buy the bike but Apao replied that it belongs to someone else.   Indeed it belongs to someone else because as they leave there was a lady looking for something and Apao ask what is she looking for.  The lady replied that his looking for her wallet.  So Apao gave the wallet the he has found.

Worrying on how to raise money their parents thought that Apao and Momoy were unto bad things and as they were about to explain the Brgy Chairman came to their house.   Together with a mother and child they look for Apao and thank Apao for what he did.  The Brgy. Chairman even told that their Mayor was very proud of what Apao did.  Another day came and another visitor came looking for Apao, it was their bully classmate together with his mother.  They were thanking Apao for lending the money.  With gratitude they payback Apao the money.  So now that they have the money they returned to the old lady and showed the money but instead of taking the money she just let them keep it including the bike.  She just wanted to test Apao if his really eager to have the bicycle.  The old lady also asked Apao to take good care of the bike.  Still there blessing hasn't stop because the Mayor recognized him and even gave him a new bicycle.  Another thing happened is that their grandfather showed up and asked his uncle to manage their farm.

So what was this movie all about?  It's all about our life and the trials that we face in life.  Like Apao and Momoy their simple desire to have a bike became their major problem.  They focused on solving it but no matter how hard they try to solve it problems still coming into them.  But the good thing about them is that they never stopped attaining their goal and they didn't surrender.  Though there are times that they were drives are low still they were able to pull it up.  Another thing is the unselfishness of Apao.  He always think of others.

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