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Thursday, April 8

Keeping Snacks Fresh for Kids

Parents want the best for their kids and that's a fact. Since our little ones aren't able to use knives and other peeling tools, we parents, do the peeling especially on fruits. For sure we want them to be safe. That goes also with the foods they are eating. We prefer fresh and nutritious snacks for them like apples, oranges, banana, etc. The only problem with fruits when peeled off is that they turn brownish when left open and exposed. So after a few minutes, when the kids comes back for more they are turned off to eat it again because of the coloring. So keeping fresh snacks fresh is really hard. Good thing that there are parents who shares their tips and tricks on parenting. Got this from one of the article in, though the article is for apple slices only well I supposed it applies to all fruits when peeled off or sliced.

So parents here's the trick on keeping those fresh snacks really fresh until your kids finish them, acidulated water is the answer. If you're kids loves fruits so much and they don't like those brownish part after slicing just pour an acidulated water on it. Now, I know you are going to ask where will I get that acidulated water. Well it's just simple, it's just a plain water mix with edible acid such as lemon or lime juice. It as simple as that!

Nice trick ha! Well if you have anymore tips and tricks that you can share feel free to comment.

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