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Wednesday, April 21

Laughing With Makoy's Contest

Since I started blogging I always find Makoy’s badge on some blogsite. I sometimes read his posts and find it interesting, specially the funny ones. It really starts my day lively. Now that Makoy’s got a contest that I think will surely laugh out loud.

So this is my entry to the Humor Me Makoy Contest. I have chosen his blog post entitled “Funny Australian Store”. I find this story funny and interesting. Most people judge people by how they look which sometimes lead to conclusion about what they do. People always jump to conclusion without even investigating thoroughly. The story doesn’t just gives laugh but also some lesson to learn.

This reminds me of a story that we had when we were in college. This happens during our extension program in one of the province here in the Philippines. Every semester break we always go to barrios and under developed towns in the province. We extend our help by providing books and have a youth encounter with the locals. We also immerse and stay there for more than two weeks.

Now here’s the fun part, during our first day there’s a welcome party for us and all are dressed for the occasion. There’s this portion that the local youth guys of the town will get and dance with our ladies, and of course we will dance with their ladies as well. While chatting on who we’re going to dance with, one of the local youth guys went to us and tapped Edwin’s (actually I forgot his name) shoulder. When Edwin turned around the guy was really surprised that what he thought was a lady was actually a guy. Because Edwin got a very long hair and he was always mistaken as a lady. So in order not to embarrass the guy Edwin dance with him. We really wanted to burst into laugh that time. The good thing is that it’s not a sweet music. After that night when we were all alone that’s the time we burst into laugh. We’re not blaming the local youth guy but we’re laughing about Edwin because he’s always mistaken as lady and that’s because of his long hair. LOL!

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