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Saturday, April 24

Making Your House Child-Friendly

As our kids grow and explore the world around, them many things happen and accidents do occur. No matter how we keep our kids safe still there are incidents that we cannot control. So in order to avoid accidents and to ensure the safety of our children there are tips and things that can be done. So what are these tips and things? By making our house "Child-Friendly". So by creating a more conducive and child-friendly house can lessen children accidents.

  1. Keep all knives and pointed materials in a drawing or cabinet. Kids loves to explore and most of the time kids just pick up things and plays with it. To avoid this make sure that all knives and pointed materials should be placed inside the cabinets or drawers where children won't be able to reach it. Like I said kids loves to explore so make they won't be able to reach it and open it.
  2. Furnitures with corners and rough edges. If you're house is filled with glass tables, antique sala set, or modern/contemporary furniture please keep them safe for the kids. The edges and corners are the usual areas where kids usually get injured or accidents. Keep them in the stock room or in a place where kids don't usually visit at least for the time being that your kids are still exploring. Kids are very prone to head bumps and other head injuries with these furnitures around. Or if you can't keep them away try to cover it with materials that will lessen or prevent injuries worst.
  3. Always keep the floor dry. Not just for health reason but also for the safety of your kids. We don't want our kids to get those nasty injuries like broken bones and bruises. So always make sure all areas in our house are dry and clean.
  4. Keep away all poisonous/toxic materials and liquids. Most cleaning materials are not kept properly, especially if we're on a hurry or we forgot to return it to their storage. These can really a very nasty accident if it happens to our kids. Children will touch, taste and drink if it's a liquid, anything that their hands can reach. They will really explore things around them and before we knew it accident already happened. So parents should be vigilant about this matter. Let us always put in mind that we should always keep these poisonous or toxic materials in their right places unreached by the children.
  5. Make the kids room bright and lively. I know that we oldies loves our house very and most of our color preferences deviates with the kids. So by making, at least their room, bright and lively will give them good and better development with their perspective and imagination. Pastel colors are great for the kids. Color recognition develops much faster.
  6. TV viewing distance. Kids loves to watch cartoons, other animated characters, and their favorite children shows. Most kids suffer eye problem at a very young age because of TV viewing. Parents take for granted the length or the distance of the viewing area and the TV or entertainment units. I know most houses are constraint on making the right distance and spaces to be able to provide different areas in the house. So in placing your TVs or entertainment units at least put a distance of 3-4 meters between the couch and the TV or entertainment units. These is based only on my observation with kids who suffers with eye problems. Most of them are too near from the TV sets.

These are just some of the things that should be consider in making your house child-friendly. I hope that these article can help other parents and parents to be. If you have more ideas regarding this please do comment and share your ideas. God bless!


1 comment:

  1. It is good that you mentioned about distancing the kids when it comes to watching TV. It does affect their eyesight. I'm guilty of this - my 2 boys wear eyeglasses at a very early age. Same thing goes with viewing on the computer monitor.


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