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Monday, April 19

Monday Rush : Art Post Post

Just been busy during the weekend and I haven't made any good post for this blog.  Saturday was just a quick post.  I have to prepare all the documents needed for the GSIS Painting Competition and of course the painting itself.   The painting is just simple.  It is entitled "SELF CRUCIFIXION" and it's an abstract.   One of the receiver during the submission commented that it was an "Usok" (smoke).  Yes it's more of a smoke because our future is clouded and we don't know what will happen to us in the future.  With the way we treat our planet our life in the future is darkened and clouded.

During the submission you can see lots of good art works paintings and sculptures.  There are realism, abstract, etc and there's also a sculpture of Manny Pacquiao.  I wasn't able to take a photo of that.  4 PM was the deadline of the submission and I was there at around past 3 PM but you can still see waves of artist coming and submitting their artworks.  I'll just pray that my work will be notice even just a bit.  Maybe next year I'll don some realistic representational artwork.

I still got one more competition to join and this one is initiated by Metrobank.  I used to join here during the past few years but I'm not that lucky enough to get any prize.  Just like in GSIS the theme is open so you can paint whatever you want just make sure that you'll comply their size and medium requirements.  According to my schedule I should have made a concept already and started painting it but in actual I only have mere concept.  I just pray that I could finished it on time.

I also got one art design contest that I'll be joining it's the wheatgrasscan T Shirt design contest.  Maybe I'll finish it later and submit it also.  I'll make another post for it together with the link and hope for all the visitors to check the site and vote for my design.  If I get a large number of vote it will be great.  At least I'll get a chance to win.  For the meantime I'll just have to work and do my duties in the office.

Good to everyone and have a nice day!

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