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Monday, April 12

Monday Rush : Cramming

Cramming!  Why do we always cram?  Well, during my college days cramming is an everyday word for us.  I always tend to set aside those works that I can do right away.  Reasons... well I'm not in the mood yet to do those things.  The ideas doesn't easily flow during those free times.  Ideas only flow when the deadline is already near or it's just a few hours till the scheduled time and date.   I don't know where it came from but I myself admits that I'm a crammer.   Just like what I recently just finished.  It's an entry for the GSIS Painting Competition.  I just finished it yesterday and the submission is this coming Saturday.  Whew!  What a cram!    I know you will say that I should have set schedule for it.  I did set a schedule but unfortunately due to resources, I wasn't able to keep track my schedule.  Anyway I was able to finished it on time.  I just don't know how will it be judge.   Maybe I'll have a chance to do it again for the upcoming AAP and Metrobank painting competition.

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