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Sunday, April 25

Summer Outing On Mommy's Office

Well I'm still awake and finishing all my online chores.  A few hours from now Mommy's Office will be having a Summer Outing at Amana Resort.  As their Office tradition all immediate family are invited to join the Summer Outing.  So Maki and I are also invited.  The call time is very early so at the break of dawn will be going to Mommy's Office first to join the others and then will proceed to the resort.  So in other word I won't have enough time to do all my online chores during the morning.

We'll be missing Sunday Church Service again.  Anyway I'll pray that we'll be safe in our journey and during our activity.  Maybe I'll just tune in at JAM 88.3 at around 9 AM to listen and get LIFTED.  That's their schedule of Christian Contemporary Music.  Try to listen on it also and get LIFTED with music and songs they're playing.

By the way better watch out for the posting of the upcoming contest!



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