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Tuesday, April 27

A Teaser for the Blogoversary Contest

POST...DROP...CASH 2nd Yashiro Blogoversary Contest

Yashiro’s 2nd Blogoversary Contest is called the “POST… DROP… CASH”. POST... an article – DROP… the URL – and win CASH. This will be a whole month celebration and a whole month of chances to win cash prizes and other surprises. The “Big Post Drop Event” will run from May 1, 2010 up to May 31, 2010 and the winners will be announced on June 5, 2010. This is to give me ample time to review the points and standing of each participant. The initial cash prizes will be FIRST PRIZE - $50, SECOND PRIZE - $25, & THIRD PRIZE - $10. While the “Post Droplet Events” will be done every week of May 2010 and the activity/contest will be a surprise. It will start on Sunday once the Post Droplet Event is posted it will end on Saturday at 12 noon Philippine Time. The winner will be announced 9:00 PM or later.



  1. here for a visit..thanks for droppingby:)

  2. hello, i am done sending the 5$ via paypal


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