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Saturday, April 3

To Spank or Not to Spank

As a parent we intend to discipline our children. Making all possible way to keep them on the right track which we perceived is the right way. There are parents who are authoritarian, there are some who are lenient, and some are democratic. Whichever is their way to discipline still, parents are the ones who decides.

One method of disciplining kids is very well known to everyone. I think it encompasses all ages because all of us are once children. So if most parents do this it's because they are brought up this way. Spanking! I'm sure everyone knows this and most people passed through this.

Is spanking good or bad? There are pros and cons with this matter. Authoritarians will for sure say that it is good while others will say it's bad. So let's list down the pros and cons of spanking.

Pros of Spanking
  • Children are well disciplined.
  • Can easily be warned about certain rules and regulations.
  • Mistakes are regulated.
Cons of Spanking
  • Children develops fear and anger.
  • Most children are maltreated.
  • Children are afraid of doing mistakes.
Now that we have list down some of the pros and cons let us now discuss. Indeed children who are spanked by their parents are well disciplined, they follow rules and regulations, and most of their works are precise and less mistakes but what about their emotional factor, especially if they are spanked without proper explanation. Some parents thought that spanking their kids is all they have to do to keep them disciplined. They forgot that there is another way to discipline them which is a good one on one and heart to heart talk. Boosting their emotional factor helps them more than just simply spanking them. Another thing with spanking is that children who experienced spanking develops too much trauma. Some of these children develops fear and anger which most of the time leads to inappropriate behavior. According to some NGOs who cater the welfare of the children spanking is also one form of violence and you as parent is violating one of the children's right. Still, parents are ones who decide how they are going to bear their children the only matter is which process will they use for the development of their children.

For me, spanking is a big NO in our house. I just let them learn and become adventurous but always be sure to be their by their side and explain everything to them. If they made a mistake talk to them and explain why you are angry. In that way they'll be able to develop both their intellect and their emotion at the same time. All we just wanted are the best for our children.

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