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Saturday, May 15

10 Things I Somewhat Learn In Life

Things I somewhat and somehow learn in life and hoping to practice this regularly.

  1. You're not alone. - Always think that you're not the only person created on this world.
  2. Patience is really a virtue. - Patience can really be a good attitude to have. The more you wait the more and better result you will have.
  3. Boss and leadership. - I know you hate your boss sometimes but you have to know that you too are the boss and the leader in your own house.
  4. Health is wealth. - Always practice prevention. If you and you're family are not ill then you don't have to spend money for medicines and doctors.
  5. Save more, spend less. - Always think of the future and think only of what you need.
  6. Walk your talk. - If you say yes mean it. Don't change it.
  7. Watch your step. - This doesn't only speak of your steps but your decision as well. Always weigh the situation before you act.
  8. Read your food. - This is something that should be practiced. Always read the contents of what you eat and the expiry date.
  9. Time is gold. - Always cherish every moment. Make it as if you were protecting a precious stone.
  10. Let's play. - Everybody needs a break time. A little fun wouldn't hurt.
If you have anything to add or comment about this.  Just put your comments and suggestions below.  Thanks!


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  1. I'll be joining.. I have a giveaway contest for my first anniversary..


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