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Sunday, May 2

1st Droplet (Mind Leaks)

So to start our weekly contest here's our first. This is quite a little bit mind boggling. To start the contest here it is.

Our weekly Droplet is called "Mind Leaks". The task here is to guess this mystery sketch. The mystery sketch is only a fragment of the whole picture. It is up to you to figure out what's the picture is. First to guess the RIGHT ANSWER (It should be complete) for our mystery sketch wins.

Here's the mystery sketch....

"Liquid flows in and out. It is commonly use."
"Check and read the blog post of our sponsors to get some hints"

So start getting imaginative and picture out our mystery guess. First to guess the right answer receives $5 through paypal account. Guessing will end on Saturday 12 Noon Philippine Time. So you still have the whole week to think and guess.  In case no one get the correct answer the $5 prize will be added to our beneficiaries of Yashiro's Blogoversary contest.


  • Two guess per person only, so better make up your mind.
  • Sponsors are allowed to join here.



  1. I think it is a baby bottle nipple.

    Can I guess as many times as I want?

  2. Hi, just wanted to know if you got my pledge?

    Let me guess on that pics too.. is that a baby bottle's nipple? um, i guess i'm not right...

  3. @ Rache and Levy thanks for the pledges.

    Sponsors can participate on the weekly depending on the mechanics of the weekly droplets.

    I have updated the post. Participants is allowed to guess 2x/person only.

  4. Looks like the squeeze part of a dropper.

  5. first guess: eye drop
    second guess: ear drop

  6. I think it's a part of a dropper :)

  7. i think that it was a baby pacifier from mommy kikamz site. Hope it's correct.

  8. For my guess, It's a medicine dropper. Am I correct?

    By the way did you get my pledge?

    my sponsor blog Walk with Me

  9. It's the rubber tip of a medicine dropper.


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