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Sunday, May 23

Sole Participant

It seems that everybody has been busy with their own turfs that they were not able to find the droplets in the 3rd Droplet contest and only one was able to get three.  Shi Min is our sole participant for the 3rd Droplet and as a reward for making the effort in looking for the droplets I'll give her a special prize.   3,000 EC Credits and 1 month 125x125 Ad banner from Yashiro, Grab Shell Dude!, and Yashirokuru Online!   Just email me your preferred 125,125 Ad banner and your Entrecard.



  1. congrats winner :D

    hehe.. struggle looking for the droplet lol.. so far can't find.. maybe not look deep enough. lol

  2. wow congrats to the winner. I was also struggling to find the droplet.. hehehe


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