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Sunday, May 16

3rd Droplet (Drop Hunt)

This weeks Droplet will sure give a little bit of a thrill.   Our 3rd Droplet is called the "DROP HUNT".  Participants will have to hunt for this.......   A droplet that will be placed to the sponsors blog posts anywhere and anytime.  So participants will have to locate for this and also to read all the participants blog post started today, May 16, 2010 until Saturday, May 22, 2010.

There are 5 droplets to look for.  Complete all the 5 droplets together with the URL of the post where it is located.   First to post the correct URL of the 5 droplets wins.  All comments will be revealed on Saturday afternoon onwards.

Participants will have to do the following first.

  • Subscribed via email.
  • Follow me on GOOGLE CONNECT 
  • Join me on my TWITTER Gang here
  • Tweet this "Join me on my hunt for the droplet at Yashiro's 2nd Blogoversary Contest @creamieroh"

Then post it here together with the URL where you find the droplets.


Don't forget to participate in the BIG CONTEST!




  1. Followed twitter- @creambunny, google connect: -shimin
    Found it:

    Left 2 more to find. :)

  2. Tweeted. Still can't find the other 2 drops. :(


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