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Monday, May 17

Dads Boycotting Pampers

I know most of the moms who will read this will surely laugh their butts out of their chairs.  But you shouldn't because it's a serious thing for Dads who are always in the front line.

Okay so what is this boycotting thing that most of the Daddy bloggers are expressing about.  Well for the information of all, Mom's are not the only one who know things about parenting.  There are also Daddy bloggers who talks about their experiences with their kids and stuff about parenting, especially those SAHD or Stay At Home Dads.

Just recently, a tribute was given to all mothers around the world and celebrated the day.  Most companies gives recognition for the mothers as part of the celebration of the Mother's Day.  But it seems that some companies doesn't really knows much of their consumers.  One of the Daddy bloggers proclaimed on the net that he'll be boycotting Pampers.  His name is Brian and his website is called the Rebel Dad.  I have read about Brian's post first on A Dad's Heart.

Why is he boycotting Pampers?  First thing is for four straight years Brian always receive this letter every Mother's day....

Hello BRIAN,
Happy Mothers Day!
Thanks, Mom for all that you do.
On this special day, check out the tribute that Pampers has for you! Come join us and other moms on Facebook and YouTube, and take a moment to share what you love best about being a mother.

Now, isn't it obvious that Brian is a name of a guy.  It doesn't mean that all who buy and collect diaper coupons are always Moms.  I too, tries to collect coupons or anything that can at least lessen our family expenses and of course the freebies that you can get from it.

Second thing is this picture....

Now, if you're observant enough what seems to be wrong with the picture?  Mom is playing with the kids. But what about Dad?  Where is he?  Well his on the couch sleeping like a lazy dog.  If you're going to analyze this advertisement and give meaning to what it says, it only says one thing, Dads are slackers.   A very bad image for the hardworking Dads.  They should have not included Dad on the scene.

Now, what do you think  of Brian's protest to boycott Pampers?

I, myself is hurt with the way they thought and portrayed about Dads.  I'm a Dad and I share the duties of raising our kid with my wife.  The notion of Moms are the only ones who's taking care of the kids are already superseded because nowadays Dads do what Moms can do, most especially the single parent Dads.  Of course there are still things that only Moms can really do it like bearing and delivering the babies.

Good thing that my son is not using Pampers.  So to give support to Brian and to uplift the image of all Dads this blog post is encouraging all Dads and Moms to boycott Pampers.

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