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Wednesday, May 19

Design Crowd and $1,000 Cash Prize

How many artists are already known in their field of expertise? Actually I don’t know, but there are artist that I know who lives as cavemen. They live in their dark, lonely, and quiet realm. Their artworks are hidden from the appreciating eyes of art lovers. Even in graphic arts, designers and creators are often hidden from the lime light. Some of them are just contented with the pennies they are earning from plain and simple designs they create.

So having been an unknown artist looking for some art competition to join with, I manage to scour a quite different website. At first I’m not sure of what it is. Additionally I was also looking for blog contest to join to. At least if I win I could use the winning to buy some materials for my arts. So stumbling in this website is mainly caused by the prizes. Since I was here anyway and hoping to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, I read and checked the website. Scrolling down and panning my 15 inch LCD screen I was able to figure out what is the website all about. On my time being as net surfers I have only encounter two of this kind and this is one of them. So as far as I can manage to digest and analyze the content of the website, it is an outsourcing website company. Its main goal is to outsource different ideas from different designers and logo makers. They are commonly outsourcing or they call it crowdsourcing logo design, web design, and graphic design to different clients who needs a different perspective in design and graphic arts. Another thing is that this company offers design contest for artists. Stimulating artists’ creative minds and of course offering favorable and appropriate prizes. The website site is called DESIGN CROWD.

To think of it honestly this is one good way to squeeze in new ideas from different minds. Also this is a good start to create a name in the graphic industry. I think I will might as well find some freelance jobs here. That is, if I qualify!

Also if you're hoping for a good cash to win, well better check this out.

designcrowd contest

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