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Monday, May 3

Flu Vaccine and Skin Medication

We brought Maki to his pedia / doctor today.  Mommy thought that Maki's scheduled vaccine was overdue but thank God it wasn't because if it was his first doze would be a waste and he will have to start it again.   So instead of that scheduled vaccine Maki was given a Flu Vaccine.  Great that our kid is well.

In addition, he was also given prescriptions for his skin problem, I don't what it is the right term for it but it is called "Bungang-araw" in Filipino.  It is caused by too much perspiration due to extensive heat.   It's hard having something like that.  I also experience that kind of problem and what I did was I put on some fissan powder on it and let it sooth in to heal those rushes.  Though it may take some time to heal the best part is that you get it healed and no more irritation.  After that you can then apply body lotion to moisturize the skin.   It's really effective!  Maki's doctor also encourage and recommended to use a medicated soap called an oatmeal soap.  She said that it is very much effective and also we bought fissan powder to make sure that the rushes will be healed.

Though fissan is commonly used among children it is also good for adults if we have skin problem like the "Bungang-araw" or any skin problem that is caused by too much perspiration and wetness. So not only kids but also parents as well.


1 comment:

  1. we just got our flu shots too :) btw sis thats, prickly heat or Miliaria is no fun. Have you tried the J&J cooling powder? it works with my tots :)


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