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Sunday, May 23

Just been busy...

I've been busy making post about contests stuff that I rarely post about things that matters most of this blog.  I rarely post about kids... especially about my son, Maki.  Anyway I'll just finish this contest for a cause and we will get back on our usual daily things but still I'll post some things that talk about kids and stuff about parenting.

One good thing about this contest is that I'll be able to help some of our relatives who needs some help even though its not that much.  For Raphael, his parents will be able to at least buy some vitamins to get Raphael's body healthy enough to take another operation, his clef palate.   And for Johndel, a little money to add on his medicine expenses.  Johndel's daily dialysis  expenses cost Php 2,000, his parents are really having a hard time now even though they're working abroad and most of their earnings are being used for the dialysis.  I know they are planning for a transplant and they are looking for available kidney donors and also they still have to raise money for that operation if ever.  We will have to pray and wait for kind hearted people to help for the transplant.  For the meantime Johndel must endure the daily dialysis.

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