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Monday, May 17

Kind Hoster Contest

Having your own domain name and hosting really gives advantage in blogging. Another good thing about having it is that your blog or website can easily be put on top of the google search. Delimiting the capacity of site to be easily seen in the World Wide Web. In or order to do these things you should find a very good, affordable and reliable domain name and hosting.

While scouting for a new domain name hosting, I found this new domain name and hosting website. It is called Kind Hoster, a hosting site with lots of kindness. Checking on their plans they sure give chances for all types of people with different level of budgets. One good plan that they have is the Blogger’s Budget which only cost $10/year. A very affordable plan indeed and is tempting given all the other freebies that is included in the package.

kind hoster

Another best thing is that is hosting a contest and the major prize is the Blogger’s Budget Plan which cost $10. So if you want to win this domain hosting just join on’s Kind Hoster Contest. Contest ends on May 30, 2010.0

Kind Hoster Contest

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