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Wednesday, May 12

Making Our Vote Count

On the recently concluded election did you exercise your right?  THE RIGHT TO VOTE!   We did exercise our right.

We casted our vote with just minor hassle.  You know what it is?  Well we FORGOT our precinct number!  So we just went straight to the information desk told our names and asked for our precinct number.  The information officer just looked for my wife's last name (she hasn't changed her status yet on comelec) while he instructed me to look for  my name on the computer.  I didn't follow his instruction instead just waited for him to find my wife's precinct number.  When he gave us the number my wife and I just looked at my name on the list and there I found my name.  After that we went straight to the voting precinct, gave our names to the staff, get our ballot, cast our votes, feed the ballot in the PCOS machine, and marked with the indelible ink.  I think it just took us about ten minutes to finish casting our votes.  It's just as simple and easy.
I think by exercising our right we already given ourselves a chance to voice out the changes that we want.

Track the unofficial tally of the votes here.

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