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Monday, May 24

Monday Rush : Thinking of Finances

Just been thinking today.  There are personal things that I need to accomplish but most of them requires money and I still don't have enough resources to fund these projects.  Though I have the plans already, materials are needed to be procured to finish my project.  So for now I'm rushing to have more finances to fund my projects.

So what can I do to earn more and at the same provide for my family needs?  This is what a father always thinks.  Tormented between the things that he would like to do and the things that he must provide for his family. When I was a child I never really insisted on buying toys that I like, I would ask my parents first if they have extra money before I ask them if I can buy a toy.  I'm not really aware about finances that time but my parents are thankful that I understand things about extra money.   Now, I'm aware of that financial matters and I find it really hard to decide on which is which.  Maybe for now I'll think of some other matters to augment our finances.

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