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Wednesday, May 12

Preschooler Common Word

Holding a contest really eats up most of my time and it cost me of not posting anything about parenting.  Also add up all the contest of different bloggers.  Whew!  This is really a month of contest!  Before I make another contest post I'll do some of parenting stuff for my readers.

The age of preschooler is great leap for them.  This is the start of their exploration.  This is their siege of the unknown and the mastery of the things around them.  This is the stage where they act independently.  They will climb on the chairs on their own as if they were a grown up already.  The will carry plates and even tries to do chores that you always do.

Also this is the stage that they start to express themselves.  Though some of the preschoolers clearly speaks out phrases and terms, there are still feelings which they really don't know how to express.  The easiest word they can expressed clearly and vocally is the word "NO".   Yes, this is the most common word that preschoolers use to greatly express themselves.  Aside from PAPA , MAMA, DADDY, and  MOMMY the word "NO" is widely used by preschoolers.  They even use it differently and they sometimes express positive feelings but uses the word "NO".  

Just like my son Maki he does clearly blurt out the word "NO".  When he don't want things he just say "NO" but if we try to insist it to him and he really don't want it he would shout the word "NO" more than once like "NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!".  His already in rage by that time.  The good thing about it is that he really express himself.  So parents if you hear your child speaks of "NO" just let him use it freely and tries to explain what it means.  A little explanation can also help them understand the words they are using.

If you have any more suggestions and comments feel free to post your comments below.  Learning doesn't stops on a person alone.

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