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Monday, May 10

Sunday Service Message : Cause of National Crisis

Today is already May 10.  The date that will seal the fate of the entire country.  Yesterday's Sunday Service Message was about this coming election.  The pastor didn't message about the Mother's Day but we did give some time and recognition for the mothers.

I just wanted to share this before people go to their precincts and vote.  These are the things that keeps Filipinos from soaring high.  So it's about time that we started praying for a good and peaceful election.   So the Message was categorized and enumerated one by one.

 "Cause of National Crisis"

  1. Lack of Godly and God appointed Leader.  - Isaiah 3:4
  2. The Reign of Unqualified Leaders.
  3. Disregards for Wisdom, Heritage and History.
  4. General Lack of Quality and Knowledgeable Leader - Isaiah 3:6-7
  5. Rebellion Against God. - Isaiah 3:8-9
  6. Confuse by Leaders.
  7. Leaders destroying the Nation and Leaders Destroying God's People. Psalm 39:10-11
"How to Avoid National Crisis"
  1. Demand Godliness for Leadership. - 1 Samuel 16:7
  2. Install Qualified Leader, Demand for Qualified Leader. - Deuteronomy 1:13
  3. Listen to God's Voice. - 2 Chronicles 7:14
  4. Know & Expose the Deception of our Leaders. Ephesians 5:11
  5. Pray for a Genuine Leader According to His Will. - 1 Timothy 1:1-2
So to all the Filipinos who are going to vote this morning, please take a time to pray not only for the peaceful automated election and for those running for government office but also for ourselves.  So that we will choose the right person and the right leader for us. Let us all pray who ever wins, the elected officials will do his best to run this country and let it soar high once again.  

There's still hope for us.   We always look at the dot on the white paper.  What if we reverse it?  Once single dot is noticeable enough to change this country.  Just like what we always say in our organization...'DARE TO BE DIFFERENT!"

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