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Thursday, May 6

Things That I Need To Do

Have you ever to a situation that you have lots of things to do but you can't seem to start any?  Well I do now!  Facing the fact that I really need to clear some spaces in our house and also to clear some unwanted things.

These are the things that I need to do:

  1. Make a computer table.
  2. Fix the remote control car.
  3. Make a Scrap book of Maki's pictures and of course ours.
  4. Make a file of all my collections.
  5. Frame all of my paintings.
  6. Design logo for the contest.
  7. Create design for the T-Shirt another contest.
  8. Make an entry for other blog contests.
  9. Create a website for all the things I'm going to sell.
  10. Create 100 articles for ezinearticles.
  11. Create another articles for triond. 
  12. Create more articles for this blog.
  13. Take a photograph of anything and everything.

Now mixed that with my work, running five other blogs and my chores in the house.  So tell me how will I be able to accomplish all of this.  Does anyone of you have any suggestions.  So what do I have to do to make things started?  Whew!  I really need a hand here!


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