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Saturday, May 29

Yupiiiieeee!!! BHO is Back!

BHO is one of the blog site that I consider when looking up for some new things on earning matters. It really help me find some of the best earning sites and of course I enjoyed reading her post. Now that BHO is back and up and running maybe I will learn more tips and tricks on getting the best paying sites. To celebrate her come back, BHO will be having a mini contest.

What I think is that BHO should not migrate it to wordpress because BHO might loose some of the links already associated with the blog site. Plus it will be a hassle reconfiguring and tweaking your blog site.


Bloguardian Hellsite: Overcashed
is back! Time to reunite with M3o. Let us all spread the word!
Come, join the welcome party! It's raining champagne and DOLLARS now!

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