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Monday, June 28

Super Antioxidant

Working is really hard especially if you wanted to meet all the deadlines. These does gives us stress that often leads to sickness and decline of health. Sometimes resulting to a much worst condition. That's why more companies are creating and developing new products that can fight stress and give our body a good defense against diseases.

Oxis International Inc. is a company that is engaged in research and development of products that helps counteract the bad effects of oxidative stress. So what is this oxidative stress about? This refers to the situation where the body’s antioxidant and other defensive mechanism to fight free radicals like the reactive species of oxygen and nitrogen are overwhelmed Meaning the ability of our body to fight diseases are all used up. So,Oxis International Inc has developed a product called “super antioxidant” or what they call L-Ergothioneine (ERGO).

What are the benefits of this ERGO? There are many benefits of this ERGO some of them are the ability to balance the levels of other antioxidants like Vitamin E, Vitamin C and glutathione, increase respiration and oxidation of fat, protect mitochondira from damage, reduce the effects of ultraviolet rays, neutralize oxidative stress and I could say that it is an anti aging also.

To learn more of the company and the products visit their website, Oxis on Twitter, Oxis on facebook.


Monday Rush : Jeepney

Jeepney is the very popular public utility vehicle here in the Philippines. It is the cheapest way to travel and it is also the most accessible. Jeepney has been a Philippine trade mark. Though the jeepneys are all looks the same it varies according to drivers.

There are different types of jeepney drivers. There are those who feels they are in a car race, they love the feel and the excitement of raging like a bull on the road. There are those who's just a safety first drivers, they run their jeepney's at normal speed and they make sure that their passengers did get to their destinations in time. And there are also who ride their jeepneys like they are just strolling around and always stops on what he thought potential passengers. These are the kinds of jeepney drivers. You'll meet them everyday if you're a frequent traveler and a commuter.

So which driver do you like?


Sunday, June 27

Garbage 101

While waiting for my wife last night at the mall, Maki and I were feasting on a lollipop. After we finished the lollipop and had Maki cleaned up with the tissue I taught Maki where to throw the plastic and paper garbage. They are different and should be thrown in their proper places.
When we throw the garbage I was disappointed! Why? First I was teaching Maki segregation of garbage when all he could see was a mixed up garbages. Though it was clear on the label that garbages are separated according to paper, plastic, and cans. Second, there are still people who don't know where to throw their garbages and the worst don't even know how to follow simple instructions. I know I'm not perfect but we can still strive for perfection by doing things accordingly.

I don't know what's the matter with people! There are really people who couldn't understand or maybe they just don't want to understand or they are just simply naive.

I just somehow want to believe about a theory of a friend that "humans are not from this world and we are aliens from this planet earth. Though there are others who are really concerned, still the unconcerned humans outnumbered the concerned ones. Do you know why did my friend coined us humans as aliens? Well... first we don't have much concern of our environment, second we are like those aliens in the movie that suck up the resources of the planet and once depleted they left and look for another source, third we destroys the habitat we are not co-existing with the living creatures. To think of it my friend is somewhat true.

God place us in this world and gave authority over all living creatures but that authority was not supposed to ruin or extinct other creature. God gave that authority to be steward of this planet.

Have we done our part? Let us be concern!


What Will I Do with $100?

Thinking of it, $100 will be an additional income for us. It will for sure augment some of our expenses but I know that this extra money is an extra so I'll just put it in Maki's savings. Saving up for Maki's future is one of our goal, especially his education. So all extras will be put on Maki's Savings Account.

Simple but we want Maki to have a good education. By giving him a good education will make his future and of course our with our guidance as his parents.

This is my official entry for Noel and Levy's Thanksgiving Contest.


Noel & Levy's Thanksgiving Contest


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Noel and Levy is having a thanksgiving contest. The main prize is the $100 all you need to do is is go to their blog by clicking banner above and of course answer this question "WHAT WILL YOU DO IF YOU WIN A $100?" very simple. Ehy!

I know it's a bit late but hey it's better late than never at all.


Daddy Day Care : Father & Son Bonding

Yesterday, Mommy attended their High School Reunion so half of the day will be bonding time for Maki and I. While mommy is having fun with her old schoolmates, Maki and I are having fun strolling around at SM North Mall. So what did we do at the mall? Well, we played at the arcade, Maki ride all the cars and other moving rides, and of course his favorite shoot and jackpot where you earn tickets. We did get tickets but it's only for a lesser prize of toys and candies.

world of fun

We had our dinner at Chow King and we tried the "Orange Chicken Lauriat". Maki love to eat the noodles (pancit) but he didn't like the chicken.

chowking delivery
orange chicken

After our dinner we spend most of time playing in the arcade. Then we waited for mommy at the sky garden. Maki and I where already exhausted but it was fun.


Daddy Day Care : Water, Milk & Diapers

At last after a few weeks of not having any post for Daddy Day Care not we have our post. For our Daddy Day Care its water, milk and diapers. After having our house renovated our budget is already depleted so we needed to buy water, milk and diapers. It's really hard to not have any diapers especially when night time. So this three are the essentials for your kids.


Thursday, June 24


I always quote "Life is full of surprises so always expect the unexpected" indeed life is full of surprises. We don't hold the future and nobody knows what lies ahead of our path. We may have the notion but still it is unknown and unforeseen.

Today, an unexpected event came and it is not the usual event that we celebrate. It did hold me for a while after knowing the news. A college friend has continued his journey on the other side. Farewell....

To the bereaved family... a deepest sympathy...


Be A Role Model

Kids are good in mimicking. They tend to copy whatever movement they see around them. Their mind processes everything they see and feed it into their system. As their mind process these inputs it is stored in their mind that what they see and copy are all good whether it is bad or not. It is because they still don't have any notion of good and bad things that the society dictates.

I got a video clip here of a baby who smokes. I'm sure most of you have watched this but I just want to share it to give emphasize on parents being a role model for the kids. I may not be a very good Dad but I won't let my baby smoke.

What parents should do is be a role model as possible. There are no perfect parents only good parents and keeping your kids on the right track is a good start.


Saturday, June 19

King's Birthday Party

Maki attend a birthday party today.  It's King's birthday party.  The celebration was held at Jollibee in Regalado, Fairview.  Right before we arrived in the venue we were caught in a heavy rain.  We secure Maki because last night he was not feeling well.   In other word we were able to get inside the place though Mommy and I were a little bit wet.

Since Maki wasn't feeling well he just enjoyed himself on his chair.  Though he was responding to his Titas, Ninong and Ninang's greetings, still you can see on his face his dull look.  He dances a bit on all the music that being played but he don't want to dance along with the other kids.

We know that Maki is afraid of mascots, we just somehow take it little by little to let him be familiarize with it.   Ever since Maki didn't have picture together with a mascot so this one is a milestone for him.  Together with the Titas, Ninang, other kids, and King we were able to capture a moment of Maki with a mascot.


Things To Do During the Rainy Season

It's already rainy season and most of the time parents tend to keep their kids inside the house to avoid colds , flu and other diseases.  So in other words kids are confined in the four corners of the house.  Many parents struggle on keeping their kids inside the house.  So what can parents do?  There are things that parents can do to make their stay inside the house more fun and less tantrums.

Story Telling.  This can keep kids busy listen and responding to your stories.
Action Song.  Pick a CD or music that has an action song.  This will not only keep them alive and active but will keep their mind off on going outside.
Painting and Drawing.  Aside from enjoying the fun of creating figures and coloring objects, this activity will enhance your child's imagination.
Watch Movies for Kids.  I know that watching TV is not a good just don't do this very often.  Make sure that your kids are watching the right show or movie for them.
Role Playing.  One of the best activity inside the house is role playing I'm sure your kids will love this, especially if you pretend that your an animal and your kids are riding at your back.  A sure hit for the kids.

So this are some of the activities that you and your kids can enjoy inside the house during the rainy season.  Aside from these you can also create your own fun and exciting activities.



At last after a few days of delay due to our house renovation, I now completed and tallied all the points of the participants.   So with no further delay I now present the winners of the 2nd Yashiro Blogoversary POST... DROP... CASH Contest.  

And thank you to all the participants!

Note:  For the cash prizes kindly email me your paypal addresses.  For the ad banners kindly send your preferred banner code or ad design.  For the earrings kindly email me or contact Mommy Gen for the details of your mailing address.


Thursday, June 17

Autodesk Solution Day @ MOA

Today is the Autodesk Solution Day at SM Mall of Asia.  I'm hoping to learn more on this seminar.  So right now I'm preparing to go there right now.   And if you have nothing to do today and want to learn new things, go to SM Mall of Asia.


Tuesday, June 15

House Renovation

Renovating houses really entails much of your time and effort though you hired some people to help. Also all parts of the house will be invaded. So this is my only time to update all of my online chores. Another thing I wasn't able to finish tallying all the points so the posting of the winners will take some time. So for now, I have to rest my aching body. All of my regular post will resume after this week. There will be much things to tell and talk about. So till next post!


Sunday, June 13

Contest Update

Sorry I wasn't able to post an official end on the contest.  I have been busy shoveling sand and gravel half of the day and as a result... back and body ache.  So I slept early last night.  So to officially end the contest here it is.

Yesterday was the last day for our contest... the "POST... DROP...CASH".  To all of the SPONSORS a very BIG THANK YOU!  And to all of the participants THANK YOU for joining and making this event possible.  I'll finish tallying all the entries and hopefully post the winners early.  

I have raised $60 for the two beneficiaries of this event and hoping that before the end of this month I can give the money to them as the help of all the SPONSORS.  Again THANK YOU VERY MUCH!  GOD BLESS!


Friday, June 11

Laugh of the Day

Just got my laugh this morning when one of the drivers asked "WHY MANNY VILLAR DID NOT WIN THE ELECTION?".   We all asked "WHY?".  The driver did answer "BECAUSE ALL OF MANNY VILLAR'S FOLLOWERS CHECKED THE BALLOT INSTEAD OF SHADING IT."

A simple joke that start my day with a laugh.


Wednesday, June 9

Oiling My Rusty Skill

It seems that my favorite skill is getting rusty already. I wasn't able to create good images this past few months. Though I have joined in some contest I'm not confident of my entries. Maybe I need a little more practice on it.

Here are some of my works.

agent zeroflying fortress

Right now I'm busy doing logo designs to start again. So for those who wanted to have some simple graphic and logo designs maybe I could do some for my blogger friends. 


Tuesday, June 8

Making Disabled Able

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine.
We don't have anyone in our family who uses a wheelchair but I know some friends who uses a wheelchair. It is not easy for them to move around and do the normal thing. Their works are limited.  Frustrations are build up because of their disability.

In the Philippines there’s an organization that help people with disability and it is call the “Tahanang Walang Hagdanan” translated in English as “House with No Stairs”. This organization helps and encourages other people with disability. They boost up disabled people’s self esteem, making them feel worthy. They also develop skills and livelihood trainings. This organization, I think, is similar the organization called National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association.  A non-profit organization that helps and promotes safe driving and equipments for disabled people.

NMEDA does not sell anything but their dealers who are members are the one selling handicap vans and modified vehicles for disabled people. So, if you are looking for a handicap van or modified vehicle try to look for a NMEDA member who can inform you with things about disability equipments. You can also be sure that you will get certified and right equipment for disabled people.

With the presence of disability equipments, disabled people will surely get back the self esteem that they once lost.

You can visit their website at to get a full view of their organization. Also try you can find a NMEDA dealer near you by hitting the dealer’s locator.

Visit my sponsor: NMEDA


Monday, June 7

Monday Rush : No Yaya Today

Early this morning, as I was preparing for work, my wife was woken up by a text message. It was a text message from Melanie's doctor. She was schedule for operation today. By the Melanie is Maki's Yaya, she is addressed by Maki as Ate Lanie. So for today no Ate Lanie for Maki. I give way to take a leave for today since my wife is always taking her leave whenever Maki is sick or there's no to take care of him.

So today was Daddy and Maki's Monday Rush Event. Lol! Since Maki was still asleep and I'm still sleepy also I decided to take a nap. It was past 9 AM when Maki started saying "DADDY WAKE UP... DADDY WAKE UP". We both got off the bed. Fixed our beddings and eat our breakfast. As usual we did Maki's routine. But my only problem is getting him to drink his medicine. I did eventually make him drink but it took me hours to convince him to drink his medicines. After that Maki had a bad day, a very bad mood. So keep him mood a little bit livelier we went to the mall and stroll around. Maki did play on his favorite place. Afterward we fetch his Mommy from work and home sweet home.

I was really taking care of Maki his not a small baby anymore his a kid now!


Sunday, June 6

3 AM ... Still Thinking....

It's so hard to do things when there are clouds above your head, specially if it's more of a rain cloud. Got lots of baggages that it seems empty but it's so heavy to carry. I don't know what to do... still hanging on the edge... still thinking....

No thoughts to catch and no ideas to plant. More of a dried up land with no water supply. Everything is cracking up.


Saturday, June 5

Shrek The Final Chapter

As I can remember my wife and I, together with my family watched the movie Shrek Part III when my wife was still pregnant. I think it's a bad idea, mommy looking at those green, huge, and swampy monster. No wonder Maki doesn't like Shrek before and I think up to now. I remember when we were in Amana Water Park, Maki is so afraid to stand beside Shrek's statue. So we only have few pictures taken and some of them were not good. Anyway at least he has met the giant Shrek though it was only a statue. I wonder what will be his reaction if he watched Shrek The Final Chapter?

Up to now we haven't watched the movie Shrek The Final Chapter maybe will just have to wait for the DVD release on the market. I don't have much of the idea on what was the story of the last chapter. While waiting for the release of the DVD copy I was able to find some clips of the movie. So for those who haven't watched the movie yet but wanted to know what it is all about maybe you can have a look of this clips.

So I hope that you have at least a glimpse of the movie. Can't wait to have the DVD release copy.


Thursday, June 3

Baby's Day Out

Just want to post this very cool music video of a baby. The music is good though I don't have any idea of what is the lyrics and what it means but based on the rhythm it's cool. Just love this hanging out with the baby. So enjoy watching this video!


Summer is Over....

Right now rains has started and most of the part of the country are having rain showers.  So, the weather would just like to informs us that  summer is now over and the rainy season is coming.   Though it is raining, the weather is still hot and you can still sweat that's maybe because of the excessive heat that was brought by the summer.

Since rainy days is here, there are things that should be done or precautions to at least avoid illnesses in the family.  Us, parents, should take our daily doze of Vitamin C.  To keep us healthy and strong in our work and at home.  We don't want to be sick and pass it to our kids.   Babies, toddlers, and kids should also take their daily doze of vitamins to keep them healthy.  They are prone to illnesses so always keep them healthy.  

The worst and most feared by all is the DENGUE.  So what do we need to do to prevent and avoid this dreadful disease?  First is make sure that our house is clean.  Second, make sure that all places and things won't hold any stagnant water. Third, always keep insect repellents or lotion for kids.

So these are just some of the few things to remind us what to do this coming rainy season.


Tuesday, June 1

4th Droplet Winner

Sorry about the delay in posting our winner for the 4th Droplet just been busy with some events. So after tallying and reading all the comments we now have our winner of the 4th droplet contest.

Our winner is.....


Garnering a total 21 points.   To claim your prize kindly comment here your paypal address or email it to me.


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